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Charles is so fucking hot! Wolfscade did a great job. I really liked the artstyle.

Anyway, I need help unlocking the last ending and cg. I completed all endings except that one and I have no idea how to do well with Lorenzo. I think I did really well with the press conference (Dana said "That wasn't so bad") and I stayed like 30 minutes trying to do well with Lorenzo without success..(Yeah I always ask to help me to Dana at the end) Can you please post a full walkthrough or tips? I really like the game and I want to see the final cg.

The last CG is a threesome, and doesn't require you to do well with Lorenzo. If you do well enough in the press conference, Dana should leave Jonas with you and Lorenzo, and you get a chance to unlock that CG.

For the final ending, you need to do well in both the press conference and Lorenzo conversation, and then accept Dana's offer at the end. Remember that Lorenzo likes when you're brutally honest, but he also appreciates when you remember important events from the course of your relationship.

I finally got it thanks :D