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So, this demo absolutely blew me away. It managed to effectively communicate its goals, where to go and what to do simply through level and audio design, consistently rewarded player curiosity with challenges and progression all wrapped up nicely in a gorgeous and huge world. My only real criticisms at this point are that it can be a little difficult to determine if a jump is out of range, but my stubbornness won out on this point, and the indoor control swap was jarring and unintuitive. But both of those were minor issues in an otherwise astounding game that shines in its simplicity and seeming effortlessness. Amazing work, I cannot wait to see the later developments of this title. Even if I have no idea how to pronounce it.

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Hi, thanks for playing!
Interior controls and jumping sections - working on it.  I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for your walktrough, commentary and analysis, it gave me some ideas for further development. About a title - just read it like a word "esoteric" without "ric" (Myst is unfortunately already in use).