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Wow, absolutely taken aback, stunning game.

-The visual style is incredible, it makes everything look like a painting
-Audio is amazing, the wind in the fields and echo in caves gives the world a living feeling
-The ruins and structures look grand, makes you feel very small compared to the world, in the best way possible
-The atmosphere is spot on, the giant skeletons in the cells, runis and statues all over, once again the audio, the lighting, all of it
-Drawing from both Zelda BotW and the Gothic 1 & 2(Gothic is one of my favorite game series) there is something here not enough games do well, and that is verticality. Using the Z dimension well is something that I always appreciate

Now things that could be improved
-The controls inside the little house were a bit unruly, they pretty much did the exact opposite of what I thought they would, but that sort of fixed camera movement has always been hard to do well
-Though the movement feels good mostly, the jumping is a bit clunky. I kept just missing the ledge to which I was jumping or sliding off object that I thought I should be able to stand on. It would be great do add some sort of mechanic to be able to catch on to ledges that are close enough to you, as well as a "Hang on" mechanic, though I realize that would change the quite a bit.
-I know this is not easy so really it's just a thought, but a map would be nice. Not even a dynamic mini-map, I love the clean "No HUD" look, but maybe like the Gothic games have

This game really gave me a feeling of the old Gothic games, mixed in with a bit of Dark Souls (visually & atmospherically) and Zelda, and I would absolutely love to see more. Are you planning on leaving it as a platformer, or do you have any potential plans of making it more of an RPG (Quests, combat, lore, all that jazz)? If so, cause' of course you'd need funds to do that, I'd love to support any potential campaign you might make.

In any case, great game, fantastic job, 10/10 would do parkour in high-heels again

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Hi, thanks for playing!

Camera inside house - I agree, I will try to fix it in the next version.

Player movement - I plan to expand movement  system, add climbing, etc. but it will take a little longer time, right now it's just bare bones.

The map (gothic 1 style) is  on my to do list but in later versions.

About game future: this is my hobby project made for fun with no budget, so who knows. I would like to expand it a bit more (simple combat system, very simple quests, some puzzles, lore), but at the same time I want to keep it minimalistic so I will not bury myself in a project that I can not do alone or in a small team. 

Thanks for feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it.