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Like mushguys said, I think the jumping is too floaty. You take a long time to come down, and if you hold the movement keys while in the air you actually end up going faster than when you're on the ground. There's a tutorial I used the in the past for this kind of thing here:

There's also some issues with the animations -- the run loop seems to stutter a bit, and if you hold the sword swing/sword thrust keys while moving it keeps going between the walk and swing animations.

I dig the background music, though. Would have been nice if you'd had time to make your own sound effects as well. Maybe for another jam you could make the audio tie in with the main game mechanic in some way?

yeah it was a shame I couldn't do more with audio I will make more time for it in my next Jam. I really appreciate the advice about the game mechanics, I'll check out the video you linked and do some more learning into sprite animation. Also glad you liked the music. :)