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Fun game, and it got challenging in the end. Love the music, it was super chill.

Really cool game. I liked how the shooting and pickup sounds were in key with the music. Great music as well. 


Thanks for the feedback and review. I wish I had of seen this before making my detective text adventure in Game Jam 91, but I think from now on I'll stick to platformers and try to get better at that. I did enjoy making the game and will be posting more in future jams. 

Thanks for the feedback. I do appreciate hearing good constructive words like that and I have a lot to learn as I am very new to game development and am learning through doing. At the moment my soundtracks are my highlights because I am a composer and sound designer, but I am attempting to teach myself some game design to better understand some of the concepts when I work in a team. One thing I am not great at is working within my scope and getting my work to appear complete, but I will get better thanks to the feedback and because I learn something new every day. Thanks again. 

thanks for the compliment on the music. I would love to add more story and visuals to it in the future. I was thinking a stripped back story board style of illustration. 

You did a great job with this and I love the concept. Very challenging.

That's a cool game. Very addictive. 

thank you Neilisson. 

Very challenging and simple. Loved it and could only get to wave 3. Nice work. 

This is a really interesting concept. I like how you tied environmental health into the gameplay. Well done.

thanks for the feedback. That is something on my list to learn. I may update that after the voting ends or do it in my next game. 

I thought this was really fun, the only thing was the instructions appeared and went away before I could fully read them. It was easy to figure out what to do though. 

The levels in this are really challenging and I really like the 8bit graphics. The ambient soundtrack is great as well. 

thanks for the feedback. I agree with you about the speed and transitions. I think next time I'll work on getting my transitions good first. You are also right that you can't lose I struggled to get an enemy kill mechanic and a die mechanic. I'll check your first game out. Thanks again. 

yeah it was a shame I couldn't do more with audio I will make more time for it in my next Jam. I really appreciate the advice about the game mechanics, I'll check out the video you linked and do some more learning into sprite animation. Also glad you liked the music. :)

thanks for the feedback. I'll add some more gameplay and better physics  soon.  I over scoped on a lot of things for my first time. 

I'm definitely going to learn how to make an end state when I do my next Jam. Thanks for playing.