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Fun game, and it got challenging in the end. Love the music, it was super chill.

Really cool game. I liked how the shooting and pickup sounds were in key with the music. Great music as well. 


Thanks for the feedback and review. I wish I had of seen this before making my detective text adventure in Game Jam 91, but I think from now on I'll stick to platformers and try to get better at that. I did enjoy making the game and will be posting more in future jams. 

thanks for the compliment on the music. I would love to add more story and visuals to it in the future. I was thinking a stripped back story board style of illustration. 

You did a great job with this and I love the concept. Very challenging.

That's a cool game. Very addictive. 

thank you Neilisson. 

Very challenging and simple. Loved it and could only get to wave 3. Nice work. 

thanks for the feedback. That is something on my list to learn. I may update that after the voting ends or do it in my next game. 

The levels in this are really challenging and I really like the 8bit graphics. The ambient soundtrack is great as well. 

yeah it was a shame I couldn't do more with audio I will make more time for it in my next Jam. I really appreciate the advice about the game mechanics, I'll check out the video you linked and do some more learning into sprite animation. Also glad you liked the music. :)

thanks for the feedback. I'll add some more gameplay and better physics  soon.  I over scoped on a lot of things for my first time. 

I'm definitely going to learn how to make an end state when I do my next Jam. Thanks for playing.