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MAR 23

Updated and reimported lvl 20 houses tilesets

Added new book events to lvl 20

Added new skill to take away mana

Made new icon for said new skill

Adjusted bg of battleback 

Theres an small image that shows up when a move is on, I do not know how to fix it, its small but its wierd

Changed last mana potion to just recover full MP, increased price by 20 so it’s $50 now

Changed last potion to recover full hp as well, increased price by 20 so it’s $50 now

Increased “Embrace Everything” cool down by 1

Reduced“Xeno Wraith” state var damage from 100 to 50

Increased “Xeno wraith, All my love, and I love you” to 25 from 20

There may possibly be a bug with Agro but w/eeeeee

Increased loving revive by 25 dollars so its $125 now

Completed battle tests or a fight

MAR 24

Implemented dialogue within battle sequence for a fight

Added new line to script to C27 and implemented in game, checked word box

Updated and implemented new lines to script for level 19. Checked word boxes.

Updated C33 script and cutscene with some new lines.

MAR 25

Made script for new cutscene

Designing cutscene

MAR 26 - APR 3 ?????

Working on cutscene

Spent time with family

🌹🌹🌹Some dialogue when talking to a rock🌹🌹🌹 :-]

❤️ Demo: