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I run the Indie RPG Pipeline for tabletop rpgs where I try to list every new indie rpg when it's released (as there's no way currently to filter complete games from add-ons and accessories). When I find a new rpg however it's difficult to share it well as doesn't have an rss feed or another way I can easily share the cover and blurb to the pipeline blog. I've started using Collections instead to collect all new rpgs each month but it will be a pain to relist them manually on the pipeline at the end of the month. So some things that would help:

- create an rss feed so I can follow all new entries posted to physical games and reshare new rpg blurbs to the pipeline

- require game uploaders to mark if it's a complete game, supplement or something else and then allow users to filter on that

- allow users to export or reshare a complete collection as a list of links with blurbs.

I'd really like to be able to give ttrpgs on itch the same prominence as from other sources but it's just too labour intensive at present.

(+1) has RSS feeds, they're just a little hidden: add ".xml" to most URLs to get one. E.g. here's the one for physical games. Your other suggestions are interesting though. Good thinking!


Thanks for the quick reply and the info. Thinking more broadly, one of the challenges as a buyer and player of ttrpgs is finding new games that suit my taste. An approach I'd like to see a big enough site use is for me to click on a game I already know I like and find out, say, that of the 100 others who like the game, 40 also like game x, 35 like game y and 28 like game z.

It would give me a little road map to explore new games that others with my taste have enjoyed as well.