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Aw yeah, I'm excited for Blood and Lust! I've been waiting for the full version before even playing at all, so I'm happy I'll be able to test it out soon! 

And oh my, the sneak peak is just exquisite! I'm not one of the people who absolutely wanted Harun to have a good ending, but this pic alone makes me glad he will! Now, with how Harun is and how Adnan is too, I'm not positively sure it is from the good or bad ending yet. My first thought would be good because Adnan doesn't seem tense or furious enough for it to be the bad one, and I'm pretty sure Harun can get pretty extreme in both cases, but oh well, you wouldn't make be bet anything on it haha!

In all seriousness though, My Burning Heart is the one in-developement game I'm the most hyped about right now. I'm so so excited to play it. I've invested for the betatesting tier in your kickstarter. SO. WORTH. IT. 

Awww, thank you!!