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Ok, I just put out a new version (0.2.3) for Mac and Windows that should correct this issue.  Your saved games should be preserved.Mobile will be fixed tonight on Itch and in a day or two when the mobile stores publish my update.  This problem is not as bad on mobile as the default is to have the touchpad controls on.  Thanks again for reporting this bug.

You've got a little typo there…

Thank you!!!  Good eye!  Typo will be fixed in the next release (probably sometime early next week, unless you find another game breaking bug ;-)).  Thanks again for your feedback - it helps me make a better game!

Found a couple more.  References to the shears use the verb "sheer” , and Trollan could not "bare”  to extract resources.

Trollan just said "I'm missed you more than you  know. "

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All fixed in version 0.2.5 - I had no idea shear was spelled with an 'a'!  My bad!