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Quite a promising gem, i really like how the combat feel! Is it possible to start/switch the game in a windowed mode ? Also Is there a way to access any kind of option/menu ?(sound mostly as it is quite loud)


So, this is pretty much a prototype version of the game, which means that I have not to spend any time working on settings and menu stuff - and I'm really sorry for that.

What you can do is press [F1] to open the console and type fullscreen + enter, this should switch the screen mode ;)


I figured but it doesn't hurt to ask and you shouldn't excuse yourself as it's really well done for a prototype !

Pressing F1 opens the browser, any way to fix that?

Hey there! I'm super glad that you think the game is a gem, it's been a while but I think that you are going to enjoy our huge status update

:) Best,


Good for you, i really hope it will be successful !

However i won't participate as i backed way too many scam/abandoned project.