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Hi there! I've recently bought MeshEdit and I'm having some trouble with the snap feature. Pressing CTRL or SHIFT/CTRL while editing the mesh seems to snap it to very arbitrary numbers, that don't seem to have any relation at all to the units in Unity. Snaping does not snap to the semi-transparent grid visible at the scene. Is there any way to fix the snap a grid of positions correspondent to integer units of space?

Thanks ;)

Lovely! Keep up the good work

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Hi there!

Thank you very much for your reply, it actually ended up giving me inspiration to do a couple modifications in the Ultimate Light System. With just a few quality of life changes, it is now possible to create any shape.

With a simple additional step, such as defining the custom corner in the create of the object, you can achieve this effect. (And you can even rotate the object in run time. There is an example in the asset)

I'll be updating the documentation in the next few hours :)

Thank you very much for pointing that out,



Yup, thanks!

Thank you for recording the gameplay! We are always happy to see people covering Dungeon Drafters!

Yup, thank you very much for covering the game! We are always happy to see that kind of gameplay ;)

So, this is pretty much a prototype version of the game, which means that I have not to spend any time working on settings and menu stuff - and I'm really sorry for that.

What you can do is press [F1] to open the console and type fullscreen + enter, this should switch the screen mode ;)

Thank you very much for covering our game!

I do appreciate that :D

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April 1st haha, I'm so sorry haha!

Anyways, you can be sure that we still working on the project!

April 1st haha!
The project still alive, and we are working on it!

More significant updates coming soon ;)

Hey, CelineRobin!

As far as I know, the game has some issues when running under 60 fps - which shall be fixed any patch - although this could be a normal bug, so I will make sure to take a look at consistent in those elements ;)

Thank you very much for reporting,

Thank you very much for getting in touch, Boga98.

Your words are hugely appreciated and did help our team get that extra motivation and work harder at the project!

As I said earlier, we do expect to make quite a long journey developing the final version of Dungeon Drafters and we will make sure that the game will have a big amount of meaningful content: unique cards, diverse strategies, unique level designs among different dungeons, boss fights, NPCs and some more!

For now, I would definitely recommend you to join our community on Discord, or follow us on Twitter so you can stay tuned to the updates the game receives ;)


Lovely to hear that you enjoyed the game!

I appreciate your feedback and you can be sure that the final version of the game will have tons of content, unique cards, meaningful strategies, and interesting level designs for each of the featured dungeons!

For now, I can tell you that this prototype version will be receiving an update any time soon with some text corrections and more precise information to help the understanding of the mechanics ;)


Thank you!

Thank you very much for the coverage!

Thank you!

Are you trying to play with gamepad or keyboard?

If you are playing on keyboard, anykey should start the game. This is strange.

That is definitely unexpected.

Does the "press any" even blinks has it should?

This is truly normal. It is not a recognizable file as most of the other games, and also it has such a low number of downloads, that it probably has not been added to the anti-virus database as a game.

You can disable your anti-virus and trust my word, or you can run the game in the safety mode (which your anti-virus should include).

If you have any additional trouble running the game, please, inform me ;)

Thank you very much ;)

W,A,S,D and mouse are not working?

Thank you very much!

I hope you enjoyed the game ;)

Download the zip and extract the files,
After that, hit any buttom in or keyboard or press start in your gamepad ;)

Did you find any haha?

Thank you very much for these words!

We also hope to see you enjoying the final version of the game once it is done! Meanwhile, you can follow the development process in our discord channel and twitter account ;)

Thank you mate,
We appreciate the coverage :D


It could, but that is a mechanic we still discussing. Also, it will probably be affected by the new combat system which we are working on, so we might do a few tests with this mechanic and let you know if we are going to add that into the final version of the game or not. Thanks for the feedback ;)

So, you must be Onion in the discord server, right haha?

guess I've just replied you there,

anyways, thank you for the report!

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Great to hear that you liked the concept of the game and that you are looking forward to seeing the final version!

When we started this project we were really confused about its nature. I mean, it is a mix of a roguelike, card game, dungeon crawler, and tactics. Definitely sounds different, but we were not confident that this would work. Along the development of this prototype - or proof of concept - we became a bit more confident about what the game is, and where are the players for this type of project.

When developing dungeon drafters, I always try to make sure that this is something I would like to play by myself, and that's why I am also hoping to get the final version of the project done!

I am sure it will take some long, but meanwhile, you can follow our development process in the discord channel or twitteraccount!

Anyways, thank you very much for the kind words dude!

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I will let you know as soon as we get a new version of the game, it might take a while since we are reworking almost everything for the final version of the game. Meanwhile, you can follow us on twitter and Discord server!

Talking about the currency in the game, it is related to a lot of diverse features in the game. Such as buying boosters, forging runes (which are an important part of the game, omitted in the prototype. They are related to the color of the cards), buying trinkets, single cards, trading with NPCs for services and using them in the future marketplace. - I know it sounds like a lot of information, but there are some interesting mechanics that we hope to show in the next version. I can also assure you that everything will be bought exclusively with those shards, and the shards are obtainable exclusively by playing the game - unraveling dungeons, killing mobs, trading cards...

About the healing part of the game, I can also say that there will be different mechanics around health. Some cards and deck archetypes may work around the concept of sustain yourself, gaining and stealing life, while other decks may even spend health to cast insane cards and clean up the dungeon as fast as possible.

I'm excited about the features being developed in the final version of the game, and I hope you will be too. We pretend to release some info about the game as we go on creating it. The only downside is that it might take a while since we have a very limited amount of resource to make this project real!

Thank you very much for the feedback ;)

Great to hear that you've enjoyed the reengage cards and the mix between roguelike and card game, I can say that we are designing some really cool combos for the final version of the game!

I will  also make sure to take a look at the soft look you reported,

Thank you very much for the comment ;)

Thanks for letting me know that,
as soon as I fix this issue I'll make sure to ping you ;)

You can actually use shift to fastfoward ;)

Lovely to hear that!

Yeah, as said, the game right now has some problems of balancing (most of those are related to the monster population algorithm, which we are going to change completely very soon).

Also, we are going to fix problems related to large encounters (especially because normally they are too boring, or too exhausting).

Other than that, I am pretty happy to hear that you linked the game, and please, feel free to join us on Discord!

The final version of the game will definitely be on Mac. This prototype version tough is very unlikely, sorry for that :(

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Thank you very much, the lovely pixel art was made by @GekkoSdf - which also worked with me at Wild Glory, an artist worth following.

Thank you very much for the feedback,

As you already said, the lack of content so far is definitely due to the early stages of development, this beta version of the game is more like a proof of concept for us. It also helps to identify who are the players that have interest in the game.

The final version of the game will for sure have much more content - and we are already working on that; tons of environment, cards, enemies, bosses, NPCs, trinkets, and treasures!

Right now, we are considering just some small fixes in this version of the games, and your suggestions and bug report may be useful for that!

If you want to keep an eye on the development process you can also join us on the Dungeon Drafters discord channel ;)

Oh, thanks for informing me, I've just fixed the font color.

Talking about the game, I actually do not intend to continue with the development, it was meant to be just a Ludum Dare game - which is one of the main reasons with the game is kinda of unbalanced and needs some tunning in the difficulty. I actually couldn't playtest it enough in the 48 hours and ended up trying to guess the right values for the game. If I ever get back to this project, I will make sure to consider your suggestions!

Thank you very much ;)

Great to know,
I will be fixing that soon!