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Hey hi! Do you allow for rebindable controls?

Hi, it does not (yet), but it has a pretty standard controller setup.

I'll see about adding that in the future.

OK, thanks. I'll come back then.


It's been added!

Cool, so anyone can play with a keyboard and mouse now?

Checked it, a couple remakrs:

When I change the command for A to bind it to Q, it prompted me saying Q was already assigned, but it doesn't look so.

Also, adding a link in the main menu to key rebinds (and even options) would be cool.

Oh and also a "Resume Game" option in the pause menu so that we don't have to press Escape.

Haven't played much but interesting work you've done. I'll come back to it later. :)

Thanks for letting me know. I'm working on a 1.04 update at the moment. Main menu options aren't really viable because of some technical reasons, but I'll look into the other stuff.