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this game has a lot of potential. i could feel a bit of the magic that i did playing SM64. however, the platforming on this was so frustrating because of the lack of smooth jumping and character momentum that i had to stop playing after the first wall jump. also, the character kept running into walls because the camera had no adjustment throughout the game. i find a really important feature in 3d platforming such as legend of zelda and sm64 is a camera that adjusts for you. i think that something that would help this game is some more original assets to drive home the older 64 whimsy, but i understand with this game being free that assets are not always going to be the best. i would love to see how this game evolves in the future, and hopefully i'll get to play it again myself!

Thanks for the feedback, and I agree on the character momentum. I recently revisited it and didn't like it now either, so I began working on a better one. Should Super Firewing 64 ever wrap-up, I think you'll like it a lot more.