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you can probably just do it as a seperate state! make a sprite with eyes closed and sipping, and set that as a closed/open mouth and just switch with hotkeys whenever you're sippi

can somebody post a not expiring link to the discord please? lemme know if you do

is there a secret ending to this game? i got into the labyrinth and she said "want to know why im silent? youll find out why at the end of this labyrinth" or something. i got too frustrated to continue but i was wondering.

when i try to launch the game it says an error that java runtime environment is required to run this title and will not let me play. do i have to download something else?

hey im starting out and to build a wooly you need 100 veggies but i have 90 and it wont let me hold more

here's a quick review:


-nice textures and depth of field 

-good lighting for the most part

-simple controls

-good atmospheric sound


-was a bit too dark in the beginning corridors even with lamp

-a climbing mechanic would be super useful for ledges

-lack of direction or instruction

-the platforming needs a lot of work and i cannot stress this enough. i had to stop playing after spending at least fifteen minutes trying to scale the ruins to  get to an orb. platforming games have to be smooth, or your players will not enjoy playing and just get frustrated. i tried hopping on so many different bushes and bricks to hopefully reach a certain point only to be pushed off every single time.

the game has potential, use the strenghts implemented in the game already to win people over. good luck in further creations.

this game has a lot of potential. i could feel a bit of the magic that i did playing SM64. however, the platforming on this was so frustrating because of the lack of smooth jumping and character momentum that i had to stop playing after the first wall jump. also, the character kept running into walls because the camera had no adjustment throughout the game. i find a really important feature in 3d platforming such as legend of zelda and sm64 is a camera that adjusts for you. i think that something that would help this game is some more original assets to drive home the older 64 whimsy, but i understand with this game being free that assets are not always going to be the best. i would love to see how this game evolves in the future, and hopefully i'll get to play it again myself!

i couldn't get past the first part because i just couldn't bring myself to do most of the options other than whispering and comforting. i watched a let's play instead. even though it is disturbing and hard to get through, what we all felt playing and watching this is just a small part of what victims of certain things going through (i won't go into specifics but) thank you for using your creative abiities to make something to shed a bit more light on the suffering of victims. my heart goes out to anyone going through this or having gone through this. 

this was fun! i had a nice time. i like the minimalistic style, it reminds me a lot of the first pokemon games :) not all games have to have some big picture. great job. i'm wondering if there are any secrets i missed out on?