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Unfortunately not. The license for the music states it can only be used in 1 work.

it is! Albeit slowly... It is petty much done and ready for testing and tweaking.

I really appreciate the donation for this, and rest-assured that when I decide to revisit this project (with Super Firewing 64), it will be fixed!

Thanks for the feedback, and I agree on the character momentum. I recently revisited it and didn't like it now either, so I began working on a better one. Should Super Firewing 64 ever wrap-up, I think you'll like it a lot more.

Sure can - just delete the save file. They are located in:  \AppData\LocalLow\Studio Besus. Removing the whole Firewing folder should take care of it.

Thanks for the kind words, and glad that you enjoyed it!

I had a Super Firewing 64 (with more levels) fairly far along and was considering selling it for $5 or so, but first I need to find the motivation to continue on it. :-(

Thanks for the compliments and suggestions!

I had begun expanding on this in Super Firewing 64 shortly after I released this version, however shelved it until I could eventually find motivation to finish it. :-(

Thanks for taking the time to make that!

The trees were an internal debate I had a few times. I considered making them just details but didn't want to confuse the player by having some items that you can/need to destroy and others you didn't.

I don't mind at all! In fact, thank you for taking the time to do that! That's exactly the kind of constructive feedback I look for!

While some of those concerns have already been addressed, I'll be keeping a copy of that for future reference! Again, I really appreciate it! :-)

Thanks for the kind words. The pound is used more; it's the only way to destroy the houses.

You may definitely want to give v2.0 a shot though!

Added saving and persistence (among a large number of other things) in v2!

The point is to explore; I'm not going to hold the players hand through everything in the game.

Consider looking behind the water...

Awesome! Thanks for doing this! :-)

It's still coming. :-)

Strange that it only happens to you so far, but I knew what the issue was as soon as you mentioned this. Give version 1.1.1 a shot and let me know if it's now fixed on your end. Sorry about that! :-(