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Tell me, do you know any muscled artist?

I don't. And I can tell you why. Because arts are not a physical discipline, arts are a mind activity, they don't involve muscles at all, this is why artists don't bother to develop their body as this is useless for what they want to do: arts, that is.

I just can't get into the character because the male characters of your visual novel are students in a arts school but they have bodies of bodybuilders, which makes no sense to me and prevents me to get into the character because it is just impossible to believe because as I said, artists don't give a shit about muscles and I don't know a single one artist who bothered to develop a rambo body.

Moreover, I am supposed to feel attracted to Didac when he is turned into a woman but how the Hell could I possibly feel any attraction to a mountain of muscles which is not feminine in the slightest, even if you put a pussy and boobs.

So if you want for your visual novel to be believable and for your readers to get into the character, then I strongly advise you to rethink the design of the male characters and reshape their bodies into bodies which suit more artists than bodybuilders.

Also, how could you make Neus ask us which is our favorite movie about witches and not propose to answer "Witching & Bitching"?

You are spanish, right? And you don't know that the greatest (in my opinion) movie about witches is a spanish movie from 2013 whose original name is "Las brujas de Zugarramurdi", known as "Witching & Bitching" in english?

If you didn't propose this movie as a possible answer to our favorite movie about witches, I assume that you don't know this movie.

Then go watch this movie right away, then you can come back after to thank me for having made you know this spanish cinema masterpiece and add it as a possible answer to Neus question about our favorite movie about witches. ;-3

Hello Maxime,

I agree probably muscle protagonist was not the wisest idea, in its original place was for me a way to get back to anatomy and I left like that, but it´s not true that there are not artist with a build body, there are actually many of them and most of them are quite famous (probably not so tune up, but close to it) Like Frank Tzeng, Zbrush Artist of Naughty Dog or Yehuhadevir:

So it´s not impossible. xD

And to be honest, I heard about "Las brujas de Zugarramurdi" and I never seen that one, I´ll try to watch and if I like I will try to add it (but I´m not really a fan of Alex de la iglesia, few of his movies were of my like xD).

Thank you very much for your comment and your time to write it. ;)

Hey Jonny,

I looked at the people that you mentioned to me and they definitely are far away to be as built as your students in arts. :-3

Las Brujas de Zugarramurdi is my favorite spanish movie, it made me laugh to tears, I liked its humour, I found it very funny, I definitely wanted to answer this when Neus asked me for my favourite movie about witches. Let me know if you enjoyed it once you watched it, okay? ;-)

I appreciate that you take time to let me know that you appreciate that I take time to let you know my feedback about your visual novel. ;-3