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Thanks a lot. I will be very interested in your thoughts :)

Atic Atac was one of the concepts behind Viva Mortis - but with a twist...

I'm up for any chats about the system I used as well

Wow, that was a treat for the senses!  Only had time for a quick play.  You've crammed a lot of stuff in there.  Love the graphics and sound options.  Must try and find time to have a proper play.  Those stairs and trapdoor effects look very familiar ;o)

I would be lying if I said the concept was all mine! But it was a very quick turn-around from start to finish (5 weeks from start to finish). I was pleased when the sound all came together as that was a lot of work writing all the new sound system.

5 weeks?!? That's an amazing turnaround time. I get to tinker with my game for an hour a day if I'm lucky, so it's dragging on a bit :o)

I've got a tool-chain fo sorts here, so I can switch things up quickly. spritefont in one tool, maps in another. Everything linked. It's just the code logic that needs the real work, plus the ideas. Didn't you used to used Blitz a while back?

Yeh I used Blitz ages ago, always found it a really pleasant tool to use. I did mess around with an isometric engine, but was limited by Blitz with how far I could go. I think I came up against a brick wall when trying to figure out how to get fast access to bitmaps in order to process masks. These days I use Monogame, and simple shaders for the masking grunt work.

I'm using MX2 which is derived from Monkey2. plus a couple of shaders as well - to get the spectrum single color effect - that way I only need to do the next 16 color graphics :)

Neat.  Yeh I was thinking of using a shader to recolour stuff, not sure yet.