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This is certainly a very good-looking game with interesting characters. (My personal favourite is Talon, who is adorable, although none of the guys are unappealing.)

I have to admit that I was a little weirded out by Cabelo calling my MC "sheila" even though I had chosen male pronouns, and then outright saying that it means "lady". Is this a bug?

Anyway, good luck with the Kickstarter and the game development. 

You are right! Our programmer is Brazilian and not super familiar with Australian slang, so when I didn't notate that part correctly to be a pronoun variable, he didn't put it in. Thank you for pointing it out and it will indeed be fixed! <3 

Also I love Talon too T^T He's one of the most earnest of all the peeps and I adore that. Thank you for your comment!