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I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but I got the following bug while using the character creator:

IOError: Couldn't find file 'images/character_creation/Character Pieces/Hairbeaded/bangs 63 10.png'.

(I was using an old save, in case that's relevant.)

I'm very sad to see this fail; it's possibly the best VN I've seen on Kickstarter in the last year. Hopefully with more awareness you'll be able to succeed next time. Good luck!

Part of me does want to do an extended version (possibly with NSFW scenes, yes), but unfortunately that certainly won't be happening any time soon. Thanks for the interest, though. 

I'm thinking that it might make sense to have the Tommy/Ellis and Casey/Marissa poly routes as quite early in the campaign compared to the others, as these feel like they would be additions to the routes you're already writing, rather than full standalone routes like the others would need to be, and would thus probably be the easiest for you to actually write. 🤔

Although now I'm wondering what an Ellis/Artemis interaction would look like...

I do worry though that if you include too many poly routes in the campaign, you might not be able to fund other fun stuff, like the DLC characters and alternate outfits.

Tommy/Ellis, obviously. 😜 Tommy/Mason as prank-rivals turned boyfriends sounds fun, too, but that means no-one for Ellis again... 😅

Thinking more about the "default partners" thing:

On the one hand, I certainly feel that romanceable characters should be allowed their own lives and agency outside of their interactions with the MC, and this can include having their own romantic interactions with other characters if they're not being romanced by the MC.

On the other hand, this is what it feels like the Tommy/Ellis relationship already is, and it would feel very weird if they both just ended up dating other people at the end despite having a far more compelling relationship with each other.

On the... third(?) hand, people paying you large sums of money to help you fund the game is definitely a good thing, so I don't want to say you shouldn't do it... 😅

So, I guess I can see arguments both ways. 🤷‍♂️

But... but surely the default partners for Tommy and Ellis are each other? 😵 

Jokes aside, I know that one thing a lot of VN makers do is to let backers pay extra to beta test the game, and I was wondering if it would make sense to have the £20 tier be a beta test tier, but with the added bonus that every tier at £20 or over can get the DLC free of charge if/when it's released. Does that sound like it makes sense?

As I already said, the poly routes would be the most important for me. Beyond that, I think the extra outfits would be my next choice; it would be nice to see the boys in swimsuits, formal outfits, and Halloween costumes (can we know what they'd be wearing yet, or is it too early to say?) Also, I do like the cute chibis a lot.

Well, I hope you make your goal; the game thus far is certainly deserving of it. :)

This is a very good demo, and I enjoyed it a lot. Tommy and Ellis are both especially adorable, but it does make me wonder: would it be possible to get into a poly relationship with them both in the full game? Because their relationship already feels like it's the start of a romance, and I don't want to have to betray one to get the other...

On a different note, the demo file was very large for a game its size, and I note that you've got a very large number of sprites that are either duplicates or variants that I don't think are ever used in the game. It would probably make sense to only include the necessary sprites in the distribution package to reduce its size.

Anyway, I hope this goes well. Good luck with the game!

I found another when Hong Yang kabedons Geum...

And I found even more instances in Ao's route, too, although I'm afraid I can't remember the exact points that they happened.

I think I found a missing CG... :/ Because I got a scene where Hong Yang was feeding Geum a spring roll (or not ;P ) but the screen just went black, and it felt like there was supposed to be something there. (I have the Kickstarter reward version released last week, if that makes any difference.)

Thanks! Otherwise it's a great game.

That's good; I always seem to end up with "Cold" Cove... 😅

Good luck with the rest of the game! 

Hi. I loved the update, but I was wondering: would it make sense to let the player set Cove's personality in the Cove Creator, as well as his looks?

This is great! 

I have noticed one or two issues, though: I'm assuming the main character from the book we read is supposed to be the same gender as the VN's protagonist, but they're referred to as a "heroine" even when playing as a guy.

Similarly, the gallery only shows CGs for the female protagonist, not the male one.

On a different note, I went to the party on Friday, and yet it was Monday when I had the hangover... 

It's not exactly a problem with the game, but it would be nice if the walkthrough told us what days Cadfael was around for, and also what dates the events start on.

Thanks! Good luck with this game and your others!

Thanks! 😄

The game does seem to suggest that if you're dressing differently to your gender, you're essentially pretending to be someone else, which I'm not really keen on. 

(Also, Isaac is cute... 🥰)

I just started the game, and while I am enjoying it, I think I may have come across a bug in the character creation. It looks like if I'm playing in a matriarchy I have to select "heroine" to play as male, and selecting "hero" will set my gender to female. 

I'd also like it if there was the option to dress as male without needing to show interest in women. Do I need to dress as female in order to romance other guys?


Hi, how is the update going? Because I really don't want to have to romance Marc to get to romance the guys I am actually interested in.


This is certainly a very good-looking game with interesting characters. (My personal favourite is Talon, who is adorable, although none of the guys are unappealing.)

I have to admit that I was a little weirded out by Cabelo calling my MC "sheila" even though I had chosen male pronouns, and then outright saying that it means "lady". Is this a bug?

Anyway, good luck with the Kickstarter and the game development.