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Thanks, seems like you didn't play much of souls games:) Its very difficult to fight two beasts at the same time, but you can attract them one by one and it will make a fight easier. About hit boxes, yeah, there is some issues with that (mostly for human-like foes). Also there is one secret technique that people learn to do in souls game - if you already killed a difficult mob and its spawned again, you don't really have to kill it, you can just run past them.

Well... I did. It just had better controls in my opinion. Played all the dark souls .-. I'm not used to play with controller (the first dark souls had a mod for keyboard). I also know it is hard and I know I can kite them as I said before. That's what I did, but trust me, it needs refining. The animation is off and the character you play goes back in time sometimes (Lag out?) don't kow how to explain it. Also if you put some dodge mechanics in it you should make sure that it actually works :) If you put your game to test out on this website, you also need to learn to accept the criticism. Glad you noticed the bugs, that's a start :) anyway like I said... it's awesome for a prototype. Thanks for the explanation though, this might be useful for beginners. Keep up the great work!

I'm not sure what got you offended and why you think that I'm unable to accept criticism. I know, and I agree about animation and hit-boxes and they will get better over time, but I don't see where I've stated the opposite, so that you would feel the need to school me. Thanks for the kind words though.