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And who are you @Perkedel Technologies?
You write like you own the game and Redamz is just a person who works as freelancer for you.


we're sorry for being rude. However, we do not like such practice which is "Patreon first, Public Later" and "Patreon prioritize" no matter what. There have been many creators that expects monetary fund in order to create something and give it only to those who funded them. For mere and meek of us, many creators have doubt, or "MEH!" with it, or "maybe later", etc.

We are very disappointed to those creators that makes something because of monet, not because they like and love  to make it.

Despite of their love of making. Any occurences of monetary expectation will be treated as making it for just money, regardless any claim given by creators responded such as "I love making this until my death". This behaviour is disgusting and frowned upon. To make things, We believe that things has to be freely available to everyone to examine, learn, and inspire from.

To make it clear, Perkedel Technologies has rule that disallow any of our member even Joel himself to make stuff like software and put a paywall behind, not revealing source code, and breaking into parts DLCing things over.

This is the reason that Perkedel Technologies sounds provoking to a projects that are "stupidly expensive", closed source, and is not a full product out of the box i.e. DLCed. 

Though,  not all the time Perkedel Technologies reveals our rudeness. We have to bring some tolerance at first, trusting what they are promises, and live within the time constrain the creator promise.

In addition, Perkedel Technologies will consider to collaboration between the creator to make products that designed related to. Games, remaster, computer devices, etc.

Speaking about freely available. We mean for the software that it should be accessible to any mere entities. Just like our slogan "Share and Serve for Gratis, Open Source, and FULL VERSION!!!".

For hardware, its price tag should be at around which fits in common sense. Of course it can't be $0, but should be at a considerable amount appropriate. Beside of the price, the product should be also: Not rsstricting people from prying its component for examination, and not having any of the feature deactivated that requires extra fund in order to activate it. There has been exist Hardware with DLC such as Peterson StroboPLUS HD which the Metronome feature upgrade is available here

Ew! Why should I have to get this hardware with features disabled while I preffer more to pay more to get both tuner and metronome out of of the box?!

In conclusion, We are apologize for our rude speak previously for the behaviour of the creator done to mere entities. We wish that all of you in house to not do the same or similar behaviour that sounds like "Patreon first, public later" and forgeting the mere public in potentially later or has it been right now.

Thank you for your attention.


Again, who are you and why are you acting like some famous influental company? As far as I can tell, you're just one person trying to sound important, without anything in particular to offer, nor anything to take away from Redamz.

"we do not like such practice which is "Patreon first, Public Later" and "Patreon prioritize" no matter what."

There needs to be an incentive for people to give their money, and frankly I think getting each update earlier is a better one than giving something exclusively to those that pay. (Which, to be fair, isn't how Redamz is doing things, but that's his choice)

"We are very disappointed to those creators that makes something because of mone[y], not because they like and love  to make it."

While I get that games being made with the sole purpose of generating income are generally bad, you can't really expect a game developer to live on nothing but inspiration and good feelings. Also, this condescending tone (speaking about "disappointment") is completely unjustified, seeing as nobody gives a rat's ass about your expectations of people acting according to your personal naive beliefs.

"Perkedel Technologies will consider to collaboration"

You know speaking like that only really works if someone had previously shown any interest in collaborating with you, right? You can't bargain if you don't have anything the opposing side wants.

I sincerely suggest you dig your head out of your ass and do something about your god complex or whatever before reality comes and slaps you in the face too hard.