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BL means Boys Love.

Morenatsu (misspelled previously, my bad) is actually available for android now. It's called Morenatsu Revisited (not on itch anymore; ) and I recommend it. The one on itch started out the same but now the fans are putting more depth into the characters, which I'm excited about. 

Yeah, I've played a LOT of VNs. They're my bread and butter. Gay, straight, trans. Doesn't matter to me, I'll give any VN a try.

Basically I just mean scenes that don't change no matter what your previous choices were. For instance, the group outings with friends in Tennis Ace. The only dialogue changes are determined by choosing Library or Tea House. Or the Prefecturals, the dialogue is all the same. 

And no, I'm American. Anntoinette, however, is a family name so I mixed it with my pen name. I quite like it. ^^

Deleted post

Guys or Gals or Neither, it doesn't matter.  I'm happy to have so many different kind of people enjoying the work I do :)  I'm happy to see it all!

Was this is one of your messages that got deleted or was it mine? Or haven't I written anything, yet? If so then I'll do it tomorrow. It was an eventful day and now it's 3 am.

I think it wasn't mine tho.. (Im confused now)

And you should enjoy it Dyne. It's your work after all ;P and you're right it doesn't! 

The problem is I downloaded so many of these VNs now that it's going to take a while and I also don't wanna rush. 

I downloaded Morenatsu and I am exited for it. It looks like it's way longer than TA or others (750 + mb  is alot). Although I can't begin that story yet, because I have too many other VNs I have to playthrough. 

I kinda get what you're trying to tell me but im not certain. I remember these two scenes. They were pretty odd, because of what was coming up next. You can still remember the scenes even so you are finished with that game? Amazing. 

Instead of “pen name“ you meant to say “pet name“, correct? ^^ Ah, I know, your goldfishs name is Sam and your family name is Anntoinette, or something. Nothing wrong with that of course.

Like I said, Morenatsu has a LOT of repeated dialogue. The skip button will be your best friend. It's so large because of how many characters there are to choose from I think. There's like 6-8 characters to date. Also it was originally a PC game.

Nope, I meant pen name. My real name isn't Sam, it's a name I use online and when writing. It's pretty common in writing for people to use pen names. Like Mark Twain. His real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens.

Not gonna lie, I had to Google that. I knew Twain was a pen name, but his real name is long; too long for me to remember.

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Got it. We will see about Morenatsu then.

I never heard of a “pen“ name, only about pet- or nickname. 

It's no good to use your real name on the internet. Also, I didn't say that your name is Sam.

When you are through with your current VNs you could check out Nekojishi if you want. It seems extensive and well drawn. You propably played it already.