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Ok, I'm reading through the 2nd part of your detailed feedback now...again thanks for the detailed feedback. Some things are a bit demanding so I will try to explain that I'm

a) A one man army. This game is made by me and me only.

b) not doing this as a full time job.

While you are saying "Some of the dialogue options get repeated, you could easily just do a binary flag and make different dialogue." I say that it's never just that easy and takes a lot of time. I don't think Elorae needs to change up her dialogue because it ruins the experience when she says "Spread your legs" over and over again. Plus the way dialogue is handled in RPG Maker is mostly through events, and you can't just do binary flags in an event with multiple choices. Of course, you can always have more dialogue in a game. True. But I have to be effective with the limited time I can spend on Captured by Dark Elves. I have another game that I'm working on (a Visual Novel - Raising Simulator called Femdom City MANTIS that can already be played) and I'm learning a new game engine. Time is always an issue.

I think I have stated it already above, but you can dismiss Druuna right on the rock that she's been mining. That rock even starts to blink when she's in your party.

I can't send you the script, since the basic dialogue script is written in german and the translation by me happens in-engine. If you can tell me where you found the typos I will happily fix them :)

On battling the Dark Elves: What if someone just cheats? Something like infinite health, unlimited stamina? Cheating in RPG Maker games is quite what happens if suddenly you defeat one dark elf that you were not supposed to beat?

I totally appreciate you're a part time one man army. The results are impressive! I totally get that you need to prioritize your time and I didn't realize the dialog flagging is a limitation of the RPG Maker architecture. Makes sense. 

I am now incredibly pleased with myself because I suspected, from the nature of the very tiny number of minor grammatical errors, that your native language is German. :-D 

You really are nearly native-speaker perfect, and that's incredible. My German is terrible. Awesome job!

Dankeschön ;)


Is there any way to get a German version of the app? That would be useful for my education. I hate it when I have to do BDSM with German-speaking girls using English. :-D

Unfortunetly there is no german version :(

For the repeating dialog, apparently the technique in RPGMaker is to use a 'switch', basically a global variable. See this tutorial

I appreciate that even this does require writing the replacement dialog to follow on from the original dialog.

I do like the repeated "Spread 'em". :-) However it does not need the prior full explanation of the consequences of the search to be repeated each time. I'm not even sure the player needs a second chance every time as to whether they really want to leave the mine.

I know that RPG Maker is using switches, I'm using it on a daily basis.

Thanks for trying to help me, but sending me basic tutorials for a program that I'm using for two years with decent success now is a bit...insulting, don't you think?

Don't know if you have experience with that engine yourself, but if you do, you do also know that the amount of ingame switches is limited.

You're questioning basic design mechanics like whether the player should be questioned again if he wants to leave the mine or not, but where is that question coming from? You want to tell me that the experience of the game will be better if the player is not asked anymore?

Again, I appreciate your feedback, but you don't need to question every small design mechanic with minor impact :)

Yes darktoz, and while you are at it, please use this tutorial on "how to make rpg maker games for complete morons!" :D

Thanks for turning the public comment section into a mess, spikez! Can't even find my own comment anymore, lol.