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the only current pony content involved is when you meet the countess. there is no pony episode

this is version 0.3.3. that means the game is not finished but a work in progress. So "to be continued" means exactly what it says.

if you want to keep up with the progress and get newer versions early you have to go on

the game won't end on day 4 and will be continued

the new version can already be downloaded on

android as well

Thank you so much for the positive feedback! Glad you enjoy the game!
And this might be some of the best advice for me that a user has posted :)

yes, you can
there is a slider on the first day where you can determine how much futa content you want to see
just set it to 0 :)

thank you!

It is the aged tree by dark fantasy studio

Sorry, but I have zero experience with OperaGX. I had to google it to even know what it is, so I can't say why it is making trouble

thank you
who knows, maybe the door behind the showers will open up for you at some time in future updates :)

thank you very much, sir <3

hi there. It's not you guys ;) ... I am a single person developing it. The plan is having between 10 and 14 days plus a lot of side quests
there is no time prediction, this game relies on patreon supporters and that support determines how much time I can spend on creating it

Hi, so it is working now?
This Visual Novel uses repeating pictures as animations so it is pretty heavy on the memory compared to others

No, I won't. I am a busy man, I am working and I do not have telegram! The world doesn't revolve around you

this looks like a malicious link from a third party site! Why do you want to download it there when you can download it on this site? makes 0 sense

thx :)

if you want the easy solution and you haven't collected any items then just go collect the list without clicking on anything else (just click to progress into the dark) and when you have it immediatly start to run to the elevator without looking back

I am not sure, I have never tried it. I am the wrong person to ask that, since it is something I wouldn't do myself and it isn't my game

There is a walkthrough that might help with your relationship goals ;) :

oh, must have slipped through...but thank you for the comment! glad you like the game :)

unfortunetly no. the game engine was too old to have a porting function, and the minigames like the clicker games do not really work on a phone unfortunetly

she is :D

You will meet her again very late in the story after day 80...

glad you like it! :)

thx :)

thank you :)
the story currently ends on day 89 because it isn't complete, yet

thank you :)
well, you never know what happens later in the game ;)

glad you like it :)

Thank you :)
Daz3D and photoshop

will take a while

right now the focus is on the other game, shadow over blackmore

here you go:
you can also buy it from the unity asset store

no. updates and progress talk can be found on

thank you :) ... i think there's more to come ;)

thanks :)

it mainly gets filtered
there is currently one encounter where a monster girl gets altered to a monster futa if your score is high enough
the game is in an early state so more altered encs might follow

there are more encounters planned, and there are chances to get out of it on day 2, but getting locked up on the first days is only possible on day 1

not sure, right now it seems unlikely. and thanks

thanks :)

thank you
it will take a while for the real demons to reveal themselves, but you will encounter some creatures here and there
i think the church will be a visitable place at some point in the game

Maybe, I don't know, yet. It isn't planned...I usually like my futas above average size

the game shouldn't freeze unless you have a really low amount of RAM. it is a standard rpg maker game, these should run on a toaster