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it is currently in debate. game wasn't successful and did no bring a lot of supporters in...we will see.

this game unfortunetly only works on 64bit systems (unlike captured by dark elves or the asylum who run on both 64 and 32bit).

that is most likely not going to be implemented, sorry

On day 18 text says that there is currently no more story content. You can still play the endless game, but there is no additional story scenes to be unlocked.

that works, thanks

The soundcloud links are offline

what do you mean with "these games"?

The Asylum is a RPG Maker Game and usually works with Wine. Other games like Femdom City and MANTIS are done with another engine, so you can't really compare them.

But since you posted in this topic: The Asylum usually works with Wine. At least I have patreon supporters that successfully got it to work, same with Captured by Dark Elves.

Thank you.

Right now you cannot lose in the game. You cannot lose stats, either.

After Day 18, there are no more story encounters. It is stated on day 18, that is currently all story there is

It is planned, but not in the game right now.

You increase your skills by regular working on a job or, as you already know, by going to the school. Other options to raise the stats will be added

thank you :)

The idea is to support me so that I can work on the game constantly and put out content. But yes, you can pay only once and get the content on patreon.

Femdom City MANTIS is the successor and it continues the story.

thank you :)

I'm not sure whether it can be ported to android or not, we will see in the future

I'm pretty sure the reason it's not updating is android itself. I don't believe you can "update" the android version. At least I have not found a solution on how to transfer the savegames to the new version on android!

I've written a guide for that on how you can update the version while keeping your saves:

not possible. the game got rebooted, but the new version is patreon only at the moment


updates on progress on both femdom city and captured by dark elves are patreon exclusive

well, there is an android version for captured by dark elves. And Femdom City and Captured by Dark Elves are my only projects at the moment.

I'm not sure...femdom city is a big project and I like to do it for android as well, but it is not easy to port. we will see

press escape, go to save and save.

In the menu there is also the tab skills where you level up! might want to take a look at that as well since it seems like you've skipped the tutorial text


thank you :)

I know that RPG Maker is using switches, I'm using it on a daily basis.

Thanks for trying to help me, but sending me basic tutorials for a program that I'm using for two years with decent success now is a bit...insulting, don't you think?

Don't know if you have experience with that engine yourself, but if you do, you do also know that the amount of ingame switches is limited.

You're questioning basic design mechanics like whether the player should be questioned again if he wants to leave the mine or not, but where is that question coming from? You want to tell me that the experience of the game will be better if the player is not asked anymore?

Again, I appreciate your feedback, but you don't need to question every small design mechanic with minor impact :)

Unfortunetly there is no german version :(

Yes, it's one thing I still haven't decided on. I still have some time on that, so who knows ;)

Dankeschön ;)

Thanks. Please bare in mind that development notes are patreon only content. If you want to talk about them, please do it on patreon and not on the public comment section on itch. Patreon or discord are better places for that kind of feedback anyway ;)

I think you can pretty much plan your character depending on what you are into. For example the way of pleasing the futanari has been using only the skills tongue twirler and endurance so far. It can't be too predictable, like you already pointed out yourself. But maybe I don't get the point of your argument.

I don't get your request for "keeping preferences more consistent"? Do you mean the characters should only ask for one skill and one specific action? That would be boring.  You get oral tasks done with tongue twirler, most bdsm and pain related stuff with iron skin, all the sweet talking with tongue twirler, and so on. Not sure what you want to change on that.

I had to smile a bit on the last part. This is a game. You cannot compare my version of fantasy dark elves to normal women. I know you want to give feedback and that is fine, but I'm not trying to emulate female behaviour in any way. You are in this mine, you please dark elves, you level up so you can keep up with pleasing the dark elves. Simple, fun smut game :D

thank you :)

Ok, I'm reading through the 2nd part of your detailed feedback now...again thanks for the detailed feedback. Some things are a bit demanding so I will try to explain that I'm

a) A one man army. This game is made by me and me only.

b) not doing this as a full time job.

While you are saying "Some of the dialogue options get repeated, you could easily just do a binary flag and make different dialogue." I say that it's never just that easy and takes a lot of time. I don't think Elorae needs to change up her dialogue because it ruins the experience when she says "Spread your legs" over and over again. Plus the way dialogue is handled in RPG Maker is mostly through events, and you can't just do binary flags in an event with multiple choices. Of course, you can always have more dialogue in a game. True. But I have to be effective with the limited time I can spend on Captured by Dark Elves. I have another game that I'm working on (a Visual Novel - Raising Simulator called Femdom City MANTIS that can already be played) and I'm learning a new game engine. Time is always an issue.

I think I have stated it already above, but you can dismiss Druuna right on the rock that she's been mining. That rock even starts to blink when she's in your party.

I can't send you the script, since the basic dialogue script is written in german and the translation by me happens in-engine. If you can tell me where you found the typos I will happily fix them :)

On battling the Dark Elves: What if someone just cheats? Something like infinite health, unlimited stamina? Cheating in RPG Maker games is quite what happens if suddenly you defeat one dark elf that you were not supposed to beat?

Thanks for the detailed feedback. I will try to give my view on your points.

First off, the game was never optimized for mobile phones...and it never will be. The resolution, the icons, the mechanics of the mining...there is a lot of stuff that isn't ideal for mobile phones. It works better on android tablets because of the size, but even there it has its flaws.

You say that the mining feels clunky on a mobile phone and I can see why, but I'm not going to change the base mechanics of the game because of the mobile port. This game is meant to be played on desktop/laptop, and that is the version my patrons support me for. Making a flawless port would simply take too much of my time and I'm a busy man.

You can actually drop Druuna off at her place. The rock starts to blink once she is with you. Maybe you have overlooked it on your mobile device.

I agree with most of your complaints about the battle system. It sure can be a grind sometimes. The battle system uses an in built engine, so my influence on some of the basic functions are pretty limited. It is how it is, of course it could be better...on the other hand it lets me keep up the pace with the game and is fast to set up. But you are right, in another Game Engine I would have made these encounters very different, not going to lie.

I disagree with most of your complaints about the story. I especially don't get your comments about the robbery being pointless. I think it is a pretty good solution to keep you from hoarding food and water, gearing up and steamrolling through the 2nd mine. I also don't get your remarks about the clarification of the dark elves having to protect the slaves. Even though they don't like it, most of them say consistently that they try to protect you (not all of them, Talice for example) and clear the area off of the larger enemies. Elorae and others often say that they can't help you because they have to guard the entrance or have other tasks. It is also stated multiple times that the dark elves are losing women in their own ranks in this mine as well.

Yes, while the name of the list might be a bit off putting, I think it's important that people give feedback, so I don't have a problem with it. All good, kinkyaction :)

Stamina is the resource that is used in the game for all actions. Not only battle, but also mining. It is represented in the game with the blue bar. Every special attack costs stamina, that is why in the battle menu these attacks are in the stamina tab. If that makes no sense for you then I'm sorry, but that wasn't really an issue for other players. In fact, you're the first one who brought that up.

You can't speed up the scenes in android. The port is kept very simple, it is a basic port of the windows desktop version. The scenes end when you press your finger on the screen. I think every android user is capable of figuring that out. Speeding up the scenes only works in the windows version because of the way android handles input variables.

Patreon is a platform that allows supporters to finance their favourite creators so that they can continue to do what they do. In my case, that is these kind of games. People support me so that I can make more of this stuff.

If you just want to get new content and have no interest in the progress of the games, give feedback or want to support in the long run so that I can keep making these kind of games, I suggest you better just wait for the public releases. Usually my games become available 1 month after the patreon release.

That being said, there is a new version of Femdom City called Femdom City MANTIS, which can be played by patreons right now. It will become available for the public once there is more content for it. Right now MANTIS has 10 playable days, just like this demo.

thank you :)

yes, it will.

downside is, you can't use your saves from the old android version.

I think like 2-4 weeks from now, not entirely sure

That's too bad. I hope you will find the time to finish it in the future, or at least enough to put out a game demo or something. Graphics and GUI on this one look neat!

Is this Game still in development? More than a year and not a single update. Was hoping for a good coverage of the game progress because of the Visual Novel Maker engine!

If that is your problem then why don't you just donate through patreon, get the game and ignore the rest of its features?

Patreon is the best way to support me, because of the low cut that patreon takes. Plus it's easy to handle and supports Paypal.

You downloaded a pirated version! I can't help but feel a bit satisfied that this version got pirated right away by idiots that couldn't even wait 30 minutes for me to fix this gamebreaking bug!

Episode 2 is not released to the public, only patreon supporters have access to it!

Patreon works with Paypal or new payment processors like Stripe as well.

Other support than Patreon is not possible, sorry

There are a lot of interesting artists, right out of my head I would say: Sardax, Nanshakh, Nobodyinparticular, Kamitora, Augustine95. There are a lot more talented artists, I would just look on sites like, hentai-foundry or other picture sites where artists show their work.