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thanks, you have to keep paying the tax and keep asking Eva about working in uptown

thank you :)

no. google doesn't allow adult/nsfw related donations

thank you :)

this version is experimental, some things might not work as planned. be sure to save often and in multiple slots

the asylum can not be unlocked atm

I do not know, because I do not know what phone you have

But what you can do is find out what phone you have, and then you type into google search engine: "How to allow third party apps on my XPhoneX"
googling issues usually solves a lot of problems

if you download the apk you do not need anything else. but your phone needs to be allowed to run 3rd party apps, since this isn't an official google app store product.

if you don't have that allowed in your settings, it will not work, of course

which one? desktop or android?


at the moment she does not

i do not know. the android version is experimental. it is best to save often and in multiple slots

30 new animated scenes (story, what can i do for you, job encounters and area encounters), new area (uptown), new job, new characters and story continuation

you can come to the discord (there is a link on, a lot of these things have been asked and answered there already ;)


an interview? for what?

there is a walkthrough on that i think you should read.

for skipping the scene you simply press 'esc'.

zip and rar is basically the same. you need an archiver to unzip winrar, winzip and so on

sure, asylum and captured by dark elves both use RPG Maker MV!

there is but it is not that easy to do for femdom city because of the engine.

the asylum for example has already been translated into russian...

just give red hailey and jazz both some money in order to unlock other areas

the game is currently on 0.5.7, meaning it is not completed. not all areas are accessable.

the "girl" hayden that i think you are talking about is a boy btw

about 30 new animated scenes (story scenes, what can i do for you scenes and area encounters), new job, new area, new characters

2 scenes did not trigger previously, bugfixes and some grammar errors

glad to hear, thank you :)

as you can just read above in the first sentence of this page:

Since 0.4, your savegames are in the C:\Users\"name"\AppData\Local\MANTIS\User Data\Default folder. You cannot use your old saves from previous versions with this update!

This means you need at least 0.4.7 in order to be able to use old saves. and overwriting the game folder does not matter since the save data is stored in a different location

really? I had a guy tell me that it doesn't work. Maybe it just didn't work for him. Thanks for letting me know :)

You can talk to Hayden, the maid in the camp!

thank you :)

you are supposed to either min max or get all the skills to like level 2, which is also an option. but without cheating you will not be able to max out all your skills

thank you :)

you simply need to access the menu, go to the tab "skills" and select the desired "pleasing" skills.

that is all explained in the tutorial text as well as the walkthrough by the way

have you properly unzipped the game and made sure the folder is not on read only? if so, i am afraid i cannot help you

windows 10

updates on the progress are patreon exclusive.

there is a warning on the later days once there is no more story content in the current version. should come somewhere before day 80

currently not

blocked by patreon or by me?

patreon is the best site to support me,

a few

Your old saves won't work anymore with the current version. also make sure that your java is up to date

the option IS working, unless you have an old version or for some reason failed to update to the newest version.

but the option leads to you being eaten by Valyrr.

yes it has

what exactly? using save files that are not your own? that can be a little tricky since you have to save ingame first and then replace files...

...or with saving in general? because there never was an issue