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if you consider supporting, please do it on, not on itch. Mutilation/castration will not be in the game in the future. But chastity will be.

i cannot help you because I do not cheat. I can't remember when I cheated last any game. There is another cheat engine linked in the walkthrough basics on, maybe that one helps

no. if you want to cheat in my game, figure it out on your own :)

double finger tab

this feature is only possible in windows

good, thanks

sleeping 2 days in a row is not useless. sleeping restores willpower. dancing in the underground latex club does actively restore willpower.

I'm not french, but I learned it in school and have been to france several times :)

I don't know. The game takes a bit to load because of the amount of pictures, but it should not take too long unless you have not enough RAM. Keep in mind that you have to unzip the game and that it only runs on Windows 10 64bit

not that i know, sorry

it is unlikely. there are many reasons, most are performance based. the amount of pictures and animations are too much to handle for most phones

Me and my supporters have checked the game for 4 weeks straight. The game runs fine on most Windows PCs. After a long playing time it can be that the game slows down because of a full cache or a low performance PC with not enough RAM

important: the save location has changed. The new saves are located in the normal /'user'/Appdata folder

sleeping or dancing in the latex underground club

you should play the game however you want

as long as you're not able to replicate the bug and it does not persist after sleeping, it is not that important


I would go for the latest version of winRAR, or the opensource version of 7-zip.


you can for example up the exp that enemies are giving in the json files if you want to cheat. you cannot just edit the exp you get in the cell.


you can only do that in version 0.3

if you really have to cheat you can just go and open the json files with a notepad and edit the different exp the monsters are giving. for example 300 instead of 3.

sorry, but I have never in my life used a Mac. I know that some of my community play it with wine without problems, though. you might want to google "rpg maker games" and wine.

in android? i don't know, inside the app?


that doesn't seem like a game related issue, but an issue with either your browser or your firewall.


no, but it is possible. very rare to happen, though.

there is a walkthrough that can be downloaded right here on this page

Have you properly unzipped the game? or do you start it inside the archiver?

you mean public? a few weeks


Das Update ist bereits letzte Woche erschienen und kann auf gespielt werden

thank you :)

thanks, yes other endings will come, but it will take some time

make sure you use winrar or another up to date archiver that can extract compact files, unzip the files to the desired location, locate the folder and run the game.exe . it is not difficult

if willpower gets too low, you won't be able to work on jobs anymore

no. it will be exclusive for patreon supporters for about a month

this game got completed about 1 1/2 years ago

make sure you have the current, most up to date version of winrar.

if that is still not working, try another archiver.