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reload. hayden only helps you out once.

there is a complete walkthrough on if you still have problems


es gibt zum beispiel noch einen underground club in der blue oyster oder das house of pain im camp, aber von den map locations sind das alle

you have to train it in the gym.

you unlock the gym by talking to the girl in the underpass once you have enough reputation


the game relies on support on

the game is made for windows, the port is external and can have a lot of bugs since phones are usually not able to handle the vast amount of pictures and animations. make sure you have a lot of space available, but unless your phone has a lot of RAM, errors are likely to occur

glad you like it :)

thank you :)

Ah, I see. I thought you meant one of the male npc's from the tower :D


updates on the progress can be found on

i am currently working on another game called Shadow over Blackmore

thank you!

you mean a russian translation?

no. only three of my games have a russian translation at the moment: Shadow over Blackmore, Captured by Dark Elves and The Asylum

updates on the progress can be found on

i think so, yes.

thanks :)

thanks :)

updates on the progress can be found on

is this on mobile or on desktop? you will need at least windows 10 to play it. be sure to update your java to the current most up to date version

hi there.

no problem, you simply have to hover with your mouse on the bottom of the screen. the bottom will highlight just like the characters at the club do and when you click on it, you can leave the club.

much more

thank you :)

84 until the story stops (i think)
but you can play forever, there is no limit

enable third party applications plus app rights for MANTIS

training in the gym


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do not worry, the release will only happen once there is a lot of new content


why should 0.7.2 be final?

thank you :)

thanks! well, as a huge lovecraft fan you know that the title inspiration comes from one of his most famous stories called "The Shadow over Innsmouth", which I am sure Lust from beyond took as an inspiration as well (never heard of it so not 100% sure)

thank you :)

thanks :)

thank you :)

Ren Cricher

It is composed by the Dark Fantasy Studio

thanks :)

thank you :)

Yes, there is more than 10 different endings.

You can check the walkthrough on


you mean the dialogue during lewd scenes? they change the scene from time to time, like tara in the footworship scene or alice slapping you when talking too much, but not always. it also serves as a function to go at your own pace. you can stay and go through the options as long as you want or you can decide that you've seen enough and move on.