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Everything that has to do with female domination.

Kind of obvious when you look at the preview pictures, though

Quality game! Has a lot of futanari content in it, but for almost all the time you can choose to ignore it if you're not into it. Happy to be a patron of this game and Femdom City!

Yes darktoz, and while you are at it, please use this tutorial on "how to make rpg maker games for complete morons!" :D

Thanks for turning the public comment section into a mess, spikez! Can't even find my own comment anymore, lol.

Oh, big flex right there. Yes I just saw the even bigger wall of text below. Next time I would switch the texts so that not every other potential "premium Patreon supporter" is put off by your way too large "List of things that stop me - or other people - playing the game!"

Man, serious? This guy has over 1000 hungry kinksters to satisfy plus most likely thousands of lurkers that love the game and you are spamming text like you are the most experienced adult gamedev of all. lol. Just signed up and made an account to comment on this: The game is great, it doesn't deserve the wall of complaint from zspikez! Give it a try and see for yourself before you get turned off by his WoT.