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Hi BoThompson!

Let me go point by point:

1) Currently when the window is resized, the sprite is resized in the preview window, leading to a Preview Scale of 1 not actually being a 1:1 relationship the moment the window is resized.

- This happens due to the resize only resizing the drawing surface, a proper resize method is planned but it will take some time as some missing features and bugs have higher priority.

2) A more granular option to control what tints or otherwise shift from palette A to palette B would be nice.

- Sorry, I didn't understand what you meant with this. :(

3) *Bug* When I simulate an animation that involves breaking, the simulation temporarily changes to Preview Scale 1 (but the slider/value does not change), regardless of my currently set Preview Scale. At simulation end it reverts.

- Preview Scale works fine for me along with Break function, maybe you are doing it on HD mode? HD mode currently has a bug that makes that happen.

4) What exactly does the reverse toggle at the bottom of the Simulate/Render section do? It doesn't appear to do either of the things I was expecting (reversing the animation or reversing the layer)

- It does reverse the animation, but only when the animation is rendered.

5) An option to make a layer orbit around center with a radius, speed, and inclination and/or major/minor axes would create a lot of new options very fast.

- Not a bad idea, added to the roadmap. :)

6) Blur is nice but it appears to shrink the sprite rather than spreading it as seen on the test sprite included, and it would be helpful to have some sort of method to decide the level of blur.

- Blur was a quick addition when releasing the v1.0 version, it should had more control but other features took priority by then, a rework of the blur fx, along with more fx are planned too.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hi CodeManu

can i make a game with juice fx?