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Hello again, Chris! Just wanted to let you know that I'm planning on starting up my own Youtube Channel, and I'm planning on having RR2 gameplay for my first video. I don't know all of the rules regarding copyright laws and if I need permission to post the video, so I'm playing it safe and asking you now.

Hope all goes well with the next update!

-CodeSilver Gaming

That's great news!  You definitely have our permission, and we would be honored to have you showcase our game for your first video.  As soon as I have time tonight I will upload the latest build to  Tonight's release will be another Alpha, but it shows off a few more pieces of gameplay.  Specifically:

  • 4-robot battles are working.  All 4 can be AI robots, or you can use the keyboard for up to 2 of the robots.   I haven't tested the game with a game controller in over a year.  It might still work, but no guarantees.
  • You can now build robots and fight with them in the 4 arenas against remade robots.
  • You can now share robots with other people via .RR2bot files.  The good folks over at already have a thread set up for RR2 robot sharing:

"Post Your RR2 Bots" thread on

I tried mightily to get the miniscript AI code editor working in today's build, but alas, it is not quite ready.  The "AI Editor" and "Save AI" buttons exist in the test cage, but I have disabled the ability to open the miniscript AI editor until we have integrated it with the AI system.


I just recently posted my very first Youtube video. Sadly, it was before the new Alpha Build, but I think it still shows all the main aspects of the game. Down below is the link to the video, and if you have any advice for me, I'm all ears!