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I recently played this game and would like to give you feedback on my experience.

First of all, absolutely love the artwork and the graphics!
Fighting runs and feels really smooth, nice amount of combos/actions to use, so every fight feels different. 

Now my points of criticism:
I felt like it lasted a bit too long.. 

I feel like there is no real balance between the story and fighting parts in the game.
I'm a fan of character development/background, but I think it should be more split throughout the game. You describe the game as being an action role-playing game, but to me it felt more like a visual novel.

The interactions with the characters you meet, feel too long and stretched, which prevented me from wanting to talk/explore more in the city part for instance, as I wanted to get to the action.

Once you get to the fighting, I feel the same issue. Although the game is beautiful, as stated before, I think the map was way too big. Especially for the first level/quest. I think that, if not immortal like in the demo, it will be very difficult for the average player to proceed. Especially the boss fight. I thought maybe make a small forest part, and replace the boss with one of the giant goblins you encounter throughout the map. Perhaps this was to give an idea of the game later and will change in the full version, in which case I take back my words.

That all being said, I will be following the project. I am certainly intrigued, and of course it was just a demo. I'm looking forward to what the final version will have to offer!

Like some others, I also made a video on the game, feel free to have a look!

Regarding the story, there is a button to fast-forward dialogue by holding (CTRL) which I didn't mention in the pre-alpha build since it is still in development which should be useful in the future if you wanted to get to the action faster.

I agree that the map is too big and I have plans to re-work the level design for the first gameplay section in the game.