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Yay!  any chance this gonna be a full version? (I don't know if the current one is a demo or a full version..)

also will there be a downloadable version for oOku(demo), since the browser version still crashes?


Maybe I'll do some polishing in the future, but the core will stay the same I guess. I'm more interested in starting a new project ;)

I don't have planed a downloadable version of oOku. I can play it on chrome without crashes. If you can send me the error logs or the exact spots where it crashes, then I can try to fix it. 

then i'm looking forward to the new project lol ~

 i don't know where I can find error logs..? it's like when i played the the second song part, everything just froze at a certain moment (similar to the issue in the playthrough video in the comments ) but yeah I will try Chrome again:)