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(maybe spoilers) 

i was able to make the "ley-line" button appear, but when i travelled there i didn't see anything. is that a bug or i'm still missing sth?   (i actually followed the same steps as the walkthrough video below to get that button appear. )

ha yeah i remember now dragging that one sticker all the way till the end lol

lol i got through those hands and... somewhat there's a hidden bullet hell minigame

in the level with lots of clocks (think it's 14) you hold onto/drag that sticker so it accompanies you into the final level. and after the credits you'll see a slot for that sticker!

thanks for the hint! just finished the game -  kinda know what's happening but still confused. really like those unique mechanisms that make the story proceed. having played most of your psychological horror games, i think you really grasp the essence of the style!

any tiny hint for the keyboard in room 805, the one in your screenshot?? (maybe spoilers: i managed to spell out a word, but have completely no idea how that relates to what to type on the keyboard)

haha thanks for the heads up! (can see how hard you're trying to avoid spoilers lol)

woah new game!! don't see any playthrough vids, may i ask if there's any jumpscares/sudden disturbing imagery? (really want to experience the psychological horror though)

ahhhh i really love this!!!

well how do you get pass the scene with the many-handed statue?

altering computer time would be wayyy too complicated lol

how did you do that??

awesome and thanks!!

got it! do i download the game again?

hey, thanks so much for that! 

thanks!  - i think the issue is that, i have no idea how to let anyone give me the metronome?  the walkthrough mentions that the band will play briefly and then gave me the metronome, but i don't know how to make the band play in the first place (already get them things they need, restore the power , bloom the flower, etc.)   but yeah i will try some more and  let u know if it works. after all i really like the style of your game and overall theme, so really hoping to finish it :))

yes,  i put the seeds, bloom the flower, give the band everything they need, got a battery from the megaphone.  and there's no trigger for the metronome. is there like any other requirement?

Just got to Act 3 - and despite some trivial bugs, the experience was very smooth so far! the puzzles are hard but they do make sense (after reading the walkthrough lol

a few possible issues i found out - 

1. in some places multiple bgm overlap, especially the bgm would suddenly set in during the music puzzles..tried to change bgm volume but it doesn't work. 

2. this one is about the text walkthrough - when commanding the stone golem, i actually had to first do the petrified forest and then the bridge to make the conversation at the waterfront appear. so i think sequence matters.  

3. i'm kinda stuck here, in Act 3 - i followed the walkthrough to bring required stuff to the three musicians, restored the power, and used moon flower (which blooms as i toggle the lamp to night time). then i returned upstairs and not sure how to make the band play music. so can't trigger the metronome.  also, even i used the flower, the security guard will go downstairs to turn power off again (and i no longer hold any flowers)..  tried a few times looping around but still can't proceed from here.. thanks for any help!

yep i realized that lol

yes i just saw a later part of the walkthrough explaining it.. i found my other "self" on the bed when I still don't have any moon flowers, guess that's why i got stuck. but i started a new game and all's well!

ah i think i figured it out! 

the game works now and the puzzles are really hard lol! i actually got stuck at one point (I followed the walkthrough but still not sure what to do) - i got the first book slip (diamond) from the night-time library, but when i went back to my room, it's occupied by another "me" sleeping and I couldn't go to bed.. tried switching to day time in the day/night altrium but same me sleeping in daytime...nobody else around in the scenes. Mind helping me out a bit?  thx~

wow thank you so much for fixing it!!

just purchased the game a few days ago - unfortunately it crashes about 30 seconds after the title page, and automatically opens my Steam App that leads to this game's Steam store page. same issue for mac and windows version. not sure if it's a bug or sth. Really appreciate any help!

我的天这也太酷了吧~那些黑色的是真的植物标本还是画上去的呀?把捡来的叶子/花和纸上文本剪裁拼接在一起感觉很有趣…但反过来一想,纸张本来就是树,诗句“凭依”在纸上,感觉就像语言的标本+植物标本=自然标本。(关于人工自然主题,曾经看到Carl Burton的一些游戏/互动文本类作品,在itch上有页面,个人觉得还是挺喜欢~

thanks for the reply:) will try a different virtual desktop tho, but the game looks really great!

but MAMEP works tho

i tried to play the game with Parallel desktop (on mac), but it couldn't run (or flash quit upon starting)

looooooook what a surprise for the day!!!

congrats!!!! looking forward to it:)

have to say this is the  most creative thing i ever seen

wahhhht??the secretcode is LAIN omg (well thats unexpected lol

congrats on the full release!!! have played the demo last year and really liked it:)

ahhh look forward to this game!!!

does anyone know where the second-to-last song in the soundtrack "won't do" occur in the game? (i might missed sth, like an alternative ending?)

oh yes i love those random flashing images lol ~ lookin forward to the full version!

thanks for the hint - oh my.. now i'm so curious (and scared of) what's behind that cabin door! 

Overall i like this demo a lot, since i'm very into the weirdcore-horror art style (excited to see a pool). Sometimes you need to wander around a bit to trigger those flashing text/images (are they random?)  As for point and click element, sometimes it's a little bit hard to see whether the objects are trembling or not (like, everything is trembling a bit due to the style), but it's not a big issue. i missed the lock puzzle at first because I didn't realize i can click on the locks to change patterns, so I only focused on that message and went all the way back to click on those abnormal objects instead, hoping to trigger sth... but the actual way of solving the puzzle makes a lot more sense. Also in the spa's power room, at first I thought there might be a specific number-code hidden somewhere instead of just a natural sequence of numbers.

really look forward to the full game, can't wait more for such weirdcore horror vibes;)  

the game's horror style is right on the spot:)  just wondering if there's a way to solve the spa entrance locks or to get keys for the house in the woods? i was like walking in circles for a while.. also the first time i encountered the chair it prompts yes/no

it's somewhere in the pink glitchy maze, and you need to enter some word/phrase to trigger sth i guess (like an easter egg i guess?)

really curious about the words to type in that tv! is it somewhere in the dialogue or rather in the scenes?