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Thanks!!!really look forward to an expanded version XD

sorry I don't speak Spanish (I used Google Translate all along), but I like your game so much! Also, I find the game difficult - I found the password, but what am I supposed to type after that??

no worries, thanks!

i'm on macbook pro

there seems to be an error in the browser version (i use chrome) ? says

Error: Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded (see JavaScript console for details)

wow a remake!!


congrats on the full release!!!

finished the game!! 

I feel it's hard to put my impressions into words (?) but i'm completely stunned by mostly everything, especially the grand scheme:)  and the theories!

The psychedelic art style is really unique, and i like how you weave and represent those ultimate, deep subjects through the style.

And oh my just can't wait for what happens next ^^

this is truly amazing! 4 hours into the game  (and feel i missed quite a few secrets?!

oh my god 

wow really look forward to the pool rooms

just way too beautiful

looks cool!

Wow! but is there another phone number?? since I wasn't able to go anywhere after the exit door disappears

seems i can't use the phone (with the number behind the curtain)?

thank you for making this

is a second run-through required to call the dog? (i typed in its name on the tombstone on my first playthrough, but nothing happened)


this is simply amazing!

this is soooo addictive~

the demo is really cool!  love the music creating element

great game! 

just one thing spotted - easyRPG seems unable to load the cutscene/movies, and i couldn't find the ending cutscene in the Movie folder as well.. but overall the game is awesome!

love this

that's fine! the game looks really cool

such an awesome game! look forward to the full release:)

awesome thanks! it's so tricky to get through the dark lol

thanks^^  is the shiny item in that dark room a clue for the computer puzzle?

yay finally got to see the moon:))

btw, i'm  really curious about the eight computers part, may i have a tiiiiiiny hint or sth?

ahh finally managed to play this game through a virtual machine free trial:)) I thought about what to comment here, yet eventually, i guess i just want to say, "thank you soooo much for making this~"

looks really exciting! Great work:))

thanks for the reply!  

Mac does have its own ways... (but it's weird that the only thing missing from the "game" folder is the "save" folder, and everything else in the "game" folder seems to be the same as those shown in your PC screenshot)

hm wait i actually just accessed arc 3 through the new downloaded game without moving any save files??

I played arc 1 and 2 on a Mac (have a bunch of in-game saves), but could not find the "save" folder as i search through all package contents (i see "cache" and "tl" folders tho)..  could it be somewhere else or do i have to play through everything once more? thanks!

thanks! i figured out it's Option key:)

i opened the game with emulator (KiGB) on my mac, but none of the keys on my qwert keyboard would trigger "start game".. the only key that would trigger anything is Shift, which brings up the credits instead. (the issue does not happen in browser version tho)

wow such creative experience:)

such an amazing way to explore Rene Magritte's mystery!

oh my god look what i've found ( in the meantime adding myself to the waiting queue for Arc 3~

such a sad but interesting story! played through an ending in one sitting, thoroughly enjoyed the art and writing:)