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I love the theme thank you, but for some reason everything is much smaller than it should be, making the skin almost unusable. If i setup the ui at 200% its way too big.
It's the steam version and i have a normal 1920x1080 laptop monitor.
There is maybe a way to force something lika a 130% ui scale?


Unfortunately no, because of the way Aseprite works. To make the skin I had to double the resolution of the icons and the fonts, so technically it's already in 200%, that's why choosing 200% makes everything too big. 

Under the limitations I've tried to keep the sizes close to Photoshop's UI, but if things are way to small for you, you can easily personalize the sizes of the main elements. ^^ Here's a micro-tutorial:

  • Go to Preferences>Theme>Minimal Dark HD and choose "Open Folder"
  • Open the file "Theme.XML" on your favorite text editor, in this case I'm using Notepad++.
  • After making a change, just save it and press "F5" in the editor to hot-reload the UI.

I'm planning to make a version of the theme focused for 1920x1080 on the next Aseprite update, with a script to change the settings in a special interface, but I'm still on planning stages for this. ^^ 


Thanks for the mini tutorial, very kind!