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All right, thanks for trying, I'll try do some tests in Linux here and will update the next version to manage Linux. ^^

Hi there, thank you so much for the report! I have little experience with Linux, does it come with the Arial font family? As a work around you could try installing it. I asked the creator of Aseprite is there's anyway of having different fonts for different OSes and will bring you an update when he answers ^^

Finally managed to find the bug and correct it on version 0.4 of the theme! ^_^ Thanks for reporting!

Hi there! That's been driving me nuts for a while but I can't see to figure out where this error is coming from hahah. I'll try to post on Aseprite's community and see if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this. Thanks for the kind words and for reporting ;)

Thank you so much! ;) Glad you like it!

Updated to the new version, thanks for the bug report, check it oooout ;d

Upgraded to the new version! Check it out, thanks for the bug report ;D

That's very weird, I'm going to send this as a bug report to David and will get back to you guys soon, thanks.

Sorry, I still don't understand, there's no need for package.json on the theme files. If you compiled it yourself I suggest you go to https://community.aseprite.org/ and ask questions there, since I'm using the steam version myself.

I'm using it in Aseprite 1.2beta12 without problems, are you sure you're using the latest beta?

You are welcome, thanks ^^

Glad you liked it ^^