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Awesome work, good to see this update live!

Just to add more info: what you need to edit is the theme.xml file and is under the <dimensions> and <font> tags. I guess you'd have to double or triple the values to make sure everything is visible in a 4k screen.
As for the icons you could try upscaling the image sheet.png by 3x or 4x using nearest neighbour as scale method. ^^ 
Good luck and if you end up managing to do something you like, please share with us, I'm sure there are people with similar setups that would be happy!

That's a very very edge case and unfortunately I'm unable to test the UI in these conditions since I just have a 1080p monitor. ^^ You could always try editing the sizes and adapt the theme specifically for your hardware, it's pretty easy once you get the hang of it. 

Ah, so glad you liked it ^^ I think Aseprite's normal interface is cute and welcoming, but for doing actual hours and hours of work it's too intrusive XD Hope you enjoy this great software! ^^

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Thank you so much for investigating ^^ To be honest, after I used your tip for turning and moving around, now I'm barely even using alt+left click hahah

Got it, thank you for the quick answer ^^

I've tried doing a dirty hack on the code to verify if the alt button is pressed before proceeding with placement but failed miserably so far. XD

The pivot can be the center of the screen, no need for complication, I only need to be able to cancel left click function when alt is pressed. ^^

Hi! First, MAST is a game changer for me, thank you so much for making it! 

One thing that is making my workflow difficult tho is being unable to turn the camera with alt+left click when I'm editing the tiles. I've attached a GIF to try and show it. I'm using 2019.2.9f

WHAT!!! That's awesome, I never knew about this, thanks for sharing!!

bisexual, sad and learning XD

Unfortunately this is the largest available, themes can't control the palette size. ;/ I'll make this as a suggestion.

To take out the separator check out this:

Thank you, I'm glad you like the theme ^^ For the palete size, there's an option here to change the size, does this help?

As for the color wheel, I think it's an Aseprite's bug on 100% UI Scale, since on the default theme it's also cut. I'll report it and hopefully in a next version it will scale better. ^^

Hi there! Thanks for the report. What resolution are you using?

Hi there, please try updating Aseprite to the latest version and downloading the new Minimal Dark 0.7, it should work now. Thanks!

Small bug: When the sound system is calling the girls in the beginning, the subtitles are cut before you can read what is being said. 

Unfortunately no, because of the way Aseprite works. To make the skin I had to double the resolution of the icons and the fonts, so technically it's already in 200%, that's why choosing 200% makes everything too big. 

Under the limitations I've tried to keep the sizes close to Photoshop's UI, but if things are way to small for you, you can easily personalize the sizes of the main elements. ^^ Here's a micro-tutorial:

  • Go to Preferences>Theme>Minimal Dark HD and choose "Open Folder"
  • Open the file "Theme.XML" on your favorite text editor, in this case I'm using Notepad++.
  • After making a change, just save it and press "F5" in the editor to hot-reload the UI.

I'm planning to make a version of the theme focused for 1920x1080 on the next Aseprite update, with a script to change the settings in a special interface, but I'm still on planning stages for this. ^^ 

Managed to test it, it should be corrected, you can download the new version here: Thanks for reporting!

Thank you so much for pointing it out, will check what is wrong and will get back to you soon.

I found the butter sword, finally, I love the secret ending!

Thank you so much, hope you enjoy it!

So much meta and passion in this little one, loved that you can play it in a real GB, hope the author develops the engine more. ;)

Thank you so much for your kind words, hope you enjoy the theme and make some beautiful art with ^^

Hi there, be sure that you select "All Files" in the File Type drop-down on the Add Extension window, I'll add this step to the Install Instructions ;) In the next versions of Aseprite the .aseprite-extension should appear automaticaly in this filter.

No problem, glad you could manage ^^ Be sure to try the new version, I made new cursors ;D

Thank you, means a lot, specially coming from you! is a great platform <3

Hi there! Test the new version when you can, it should be working in Linux now ;) 

Ah, thanks for getting back to me, glad you could solve it! 

That's weird,  because the cursor is there, it is just in a new position, right here: 

Did you install the theme using the Extension Manager? Are you sure there wasn't a cursor when you installed? The cursor is pretty small, could it be that? I'll ask for help testing this on the discord channel. 

Hi, could you be more specific? There are cursors in the theme, one for each individual tool and a generic one. Make sure that "Use Native mouse cursors" is unchecked in the options.

All right, thanks for trying, I'll try do some tests in Linux here and will update the next version to manage Linux. ^^

Hi there, thank you so much for the report! I have little experience with Linux, does it come with the Arial font family? As a work around you could try installing it. I asked the creator of Aseprite is there's anyway of having different fonts for different OSes and will bring you an update when he answers ^^

Finally managed to find the bug and correct it on version 0.4 of the theme! ^_^ Thanks for reporting!

Hi there! That's been driving me nuts for a while but I can't see to figure out where this error is coming from hahah. I'll try to post on Aseprite's community and see if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this. Thanks for the kind words and for reporting ;)

Thank you so much! ;) Glad you like it!

Updated to the new version, thanks for the bug report, check it oooout ;d

Upgraded to the new version! Check it out, thanks for the bug report ;D

That's very weird, I'm going to send this as a bug report to David and will get back to you guys soon, thanks.

Sorry, I still don't understand, there's no need for package.json on the theme files. If you compiled it yourself I suggest you go to and ask questions there, since I'm using the steam version myself.

I'm using it in Aseprite 1.2beta12 without problems, are you sure you're using the latest beta?

You are welcome, thanks ^^

Glad you liked it ^^