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Game concept is perfect but there are so many bugs. When I save my progress at the statue near the farm with a dog, after load game from that progress whatever or how many times I try when I try to exit from that area game crushes. I even thought that it is because of my pc (8gb i5) I changed pc to (16gb i5) but it still happened (at least crushes reduced). 

as far as i see Crushes happenes when ı try to make tools or food, wash at lake those are most often ones.

Also there is a bug again at the crushed boat. If I'm right we should get 1 axe but when I left that area (start point) and come back I can get 3 more axes for 1 time only.

But I got nothing to say about artwork and concept. That's exactly what I imagine when I play those brokeass gae games just for 🌽 scenes. I expect great work from your team🤗😘

Yeah still lots of bugs. Ver 1.0.3 has fixed most of those random crashes at least. Are you on that version?

🤦‍♂️ no ım on 1.02 version, Updating rn. Also does this comebacks are useful? I'm trying to help and if these are not useful I don't want to  be demoralizing.

It's fine! I'd feel demotivated if the feedback was like 100% negative but if it was a mix of positive and negative then it wouldn't be lol.

which lake are you referring to