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Thank u🥰, gonna try that out also were you able to find a hammer? İf yes can u give me a hint

ı couldnt befriend with the dog. I tried giving raw, cooked meat also milk, I looked for a bone or something like that but couldnt find any 

also i believe we should get a hammer at the start like a starter pack. we can get axe and apparently strong branch near the start area, I couldn't see branch at first. But I couldnt find the hammer I looked almast all of the map, also made a map myself there are missing features like that jewish sign thing wants something circle and ı cant give any damage to werewolves i thinks it has a connection with the jewish sign and that has to do something with we can get with a hammer. 

When I couldn't save that soft bl uke, I got stuck, and as I got stuck, I started to build theories in my head. In the end, I blamed it all on not finding a hammer.🙃

you can bath in all water sourcesexcept sea (cave water, lake) . there is a waterfall and a lake at the center of the map,  at the left of that ungrateful and unpleasable dogs owners home (old grandfather). you can bath there if ucant there is a bug

🤦‍♂️ no ım on 1.02 version, Updating rn. Also does this comebacks are useful? I'm trying to help and if these are not useful I don't want to  be demoralizing.

Game concept is perfect but there are so many bugs. When I save my progress at the statue near the farm with a dog, after load game from that progress whatever or how many times I try when I try to exit from that area game crushes. I even thought that it is because of my pc (8gb i5) I changed pc to (16gb i5) but it still happened (at least crushes reduced). 

as far as i see Crushes happenes when ı try to make tools or food, wash at lake those are most often ones.

Also there is a bug again at the crushed boat. If I'm right we should get 1 axe but when I left that area (start point) and come back I can get 3 more axes for 1 time only.

But I got nothing to say about artwork and concept. That's exactly what I imagine when I play those brokeass gae games just for 🌽 scenes. I expect great work from your team🤗😘

Aow ı got it, ı used a hoe but its not a weapon.

While I was standing in the grassy section under the slope my character is standing on, I saw an interact sign. When I pressed it, it left me just below area/panel where my character is now. You don't get stuck there, but it allows us to interact even though you're not connected to the top of the hill

so  learned how to save the game and sleep now there is one think ı couldnt get. How do ı interract with animals? ı sow a lot of cow, chicken etc. ı followed them,  cornered the cow etc. but couldnt interact.