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Hi there! I'll cover all suggestions one by one:

*Sine wave effect (horizontal and vertical mode)- not the Wave effect but like waves along one line through the sprite (Thomas the animator left a request, I don't know if you understood or saw his last reply).

- This was added to the Roadmap, I've just replied to Thomas and I think it is a great idea.

*Full rotation - not for simple sprites but would be good for layered sprites.

- Do you mean the Timed one? I was planning on revamping the rotation in order to add min/max rotation sliders which would help to get more control.

*Better control over when to simulate. When messing around with several layers with Break effects it can get quite laggy and it simulates each time we change something.

- I guess we could add a checkbox to disable the on change render. :)

*Being able to clear/empty a layer.

- You can reset all properties but it won't delete the image, I don't think it is needed for the image to be removed, as you can hide the layer, but we'll talk about it.

*Hiding layers with Break can still cause lag, not too bad for me but maybe skipping the effect might help.

- Yes, hiding layers make the layers to not draw, but the logic still applies to them, I'll fix this when possible.

*I can still move the sliders or the sprite's origin when rendering. This actually gets rendered which can produce fun renderings like pulsating Tint on and off, moving the sprite around when using rotation, or puppeteering the sprite with the right mouse button. (Please don't remove this, I find it useful making certain animations).

- I have to test this lol. :D

And thanks for the feedback!