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OMG what a work of great talent this game is, seriously, I'm rather impressed. Didn't expect the good ending being like that though. You really should make more stuff like this and I'd even buy it if it gets released on steam, for example. Playing this game almost felt as good as playing Angels with Scaly Wings which was my favorite visual novel. Sure it'd be a bit of an exaggeration to compare them, but still the feelings were sometimes similar. If you're not familiar with it, definitely play it for artistic inspiration. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for this creation, it brightened my 2 sleepless nights =^^=

I am happy I could help. Thank you for your great comment. I will have to check out "Angels with Scaly Wings" sometime. :) I do plan to do more in the future and already have scripting for a sort of "sequel" to this game coming. But it will be a while before it comes out. I learned a lot making this game and my goal is to make the next game even better because of it.