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I don't know if this is a rage game, or I'm just really unlucky, but I eventually got to the good ending. Skip to 39:30 if you're just here for the ending. 24:52 if you just want to see me lose my mind. The rest is really emotional.

The glitch I encountered most often was my jump tokens not refilling, which seems to happen if I hit the corner of a platform. It stranded and killed me quite a few times. The other big one (at 24:52) was just such bad luck that I thought it was on purpose, but I got struck by lightning while carrying a worm, and it broke the worm, preventing me from finishing the game.

Hey man. Thank you for playing for 40+ minutes!

The game is meant to be tough - but there's no excuse for the bugs you've ran into.

I couldn't watch the whole thing (I struggle with watching people play my games), but I skipped through and caught a couple of issues you ran into. Working on a patch as we speak.

I don't suppose you ran into any others - aside from the ones you've mentioned?



Nah, I'm pretty sure it's just the refill bug and the dead worm. I liked the ending, though. Worth the work.