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We haven't discussed a map editor yet. We do have some internal tools that help with making maps a much easier task, but I imagine we'd still have to do quite a bit of work packaging that into something that saves and loads at runtime, rather than in the Unity editor, and giving it a usable UI. I'm sure we'll chat about it when we're all back together!

I am no professional, but maybe you can serialize a class with a save pattern for each entity (In this case buildings and streets as simplest) and then you could save the object into binarys... ( using System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Binary; )

    class SaveEntitys{Entity[] ListOfEntitys [...]} [Serializable]
    class Entity{public Entity(obj object, Vector2 position, obj content)} 

Sounded like you haven't thought about it that much, maybe this is a way to go? :3 Maybe you have even already other structures, which leads into the problem, that this "path" of saving won't work... ^-^