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Hey there! Absolutely love your game; I've logged in at least 30 hours by now. Because I'm a know-it-all, I would like to offer some simple suggestions that I think would improve gameplay for everyone:

1: Change the weapon grip to be a toggle, rather than having to hold the trigger for the duration of a fight. Cramps your fingers rather quickly.

2: Reduce the gripping radius around enemies. Time and time again have I made a fist and tried to punch a guy, only to realized that I had somehow grabbed him even though he was three feet away. Very annoying, coupled with the issue raised below. Also looks better for when you really do want to grab the guy - it's weird to grab a guy to punch him and see that you're holding him by some invisible anchor 2 feet from his body.

3: Increase the inertia on "grabbed" enemies, even if you have to do it by making the gripping hand move all slugglishly. The way it stands, I can easily toss enemy after enemy right over the edge of the map like toys. Also, you can exert so much force by gripping a guy that there is usually like a 20% chance he'll penetrate the map's geometry somewhere and go nuclear, glitching out and going spinning/flying around at 200 mph.

Anyway, throw this game on Steam and profit, you madman! It's been my favorite Vive game for the past 2 months :)

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Hey! Glad to hear people are enjoying the game for longer than just the 10 minutes it takes to get through the levels. I've been taking a break from working on it for the past 2 weeks but am back on it again full steam from next week.

1. Yeah, I've felt that holding the trigger is more ""immersive"" when having to hold a weapon compared to the lax grip you need when holding the VIVE wand, but enough people have complained about cramped hands that I'll implement the side grit button as a toggle.

2. I'd actually removed the ability to grab live enemies in a previous build but put it back due to popular request. I sort of consider grabbing enemies to be cheating in this build. It definitely needs polish. I don't really know how to give the characters any illusion of weight, making the gripping hand move slower than the controller is not an acceptable solution. I haven't even quite solved that problem with the 2-handed weapons (though I feel I'm on my way there).

I think it's likely that I'll add different gauntlets that the player wears, and one will have increased punching power and the ability to grab enemies, but you won't be able to wield weapons. That and some polish to the grab range/mechanics might make it feel better.

Thanks for the feedback! It'll be on Steam in the next month or two if all goes to plan.