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Completeness - 3, Aesthetics - 3, Fun - 3, Innovative - 3, Scope - 3, Roguelike - 4

For a 7DRL entry, this was well executed. I'm only vaguely aware of the RE series (gasp), so on the first play through, none of the real quote references "clicked". It was only when I spotted the linked YouTube video to the PS title gameplay in the entry's comments where I understood. 

Neat idea with the monster vs. S.T.A.R.S, and I thought the idea of a popup of each STAR for the level was a good one. The scrolling text worked fairly well, and the "kill list" helped. The Director's Cut idea was cool.

I didn't make it through most of the stream content, but thanks for linking them from the submission page, as well as the dev blog. 

I definitely encourage you to keep adding to this entry (if you want to of course). 

Some (minor-totally-optional-peanut-gallery) suggestions 

  • any sound / music effect
  • a bit more tinkering with the level so that you need to explore at least 50% before the level Boss shows up
  • a way to return to the previous level. There were a few times I was cornered, so I warped to the next level to escape..
  • when playing the Director's Cut edition, experiment with creating a "letterbox" view of the game with the top / bottom black bars. Yeah it might not work if you decide to experiment with it, but just throwing it out there.
  • maybe another game mode could be "Commentary" or something where you pull in some voice overs for the levels. I'll stop now. :)

Thank you so much for reviewing!  Great feedback and i do want to put some more time into it. I descoped sound, tiles, and mouse support but id like to add all three.