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I think this game looks nice. Unfortunately, I do not know how to play it, and I do not find any help. I know that I must swap two adjacent tiles to create three or more in a row. I think I understood that the left top picture is me and the right top picture is the monster I am currently fighting. I also sometimes attack, and sometimes the monster attacks. I sometimes find things as well.

But how can I control what happens?

How can I upgrade my stuff?

What do I have to do to attack?

What does it mean that some of my stuff/body parts are highlighted (the background is colored) while others are not?

What is a long snek?

The original game page (not the jam page) has some instructions in the description.

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Well, thanks! ... silly me :/ ! Now I made it to the wizard, but he did really cruel things to my body parts. By any chance, do you like Dwarf Fortress ^^ ?

Dwarf Fortress is great, but I haven't played it for years. Also, the main font used in my games is based on one of the Dwarf Fortress ones.