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That's pretty much the end of the demo - Theres some places you can go to for example going right, outside of the post office area you'll find an angel statue that gives access to the test rooms 

I have done those, got to three things saying this is the end of the demo, yet there was only one boss, so I thought there was more, and the test area had more items ect

btw, I found you via scratch! I have plaed each version of witch


its too easy, though, you can just buy a few things and hold x , maybe make enemies shoot projectiles, or some stronger common enimies, but generally a great game, love the pixel art, the game is soo polished XD

That's the plan - I'm still toying around with the difficulty, but the first area is supposed to be fairly easy to introduce you to the game - later once you have around 10 health enemies will start doing more damage, be resistant to some attacks and have more difficult attack patterns.

Plus the upgrades at the convenience store will have their cost's adjusted eventually

cool! :D cant wait!

I like the secrets, there is just two in the demo?

is the person in the third gif in the game yet?

Not in the demo sadly - Thanks for the feedback on the difficulty - I plan on having harder enemies placed in later areas and scaled up enemies that will have more health - It's cool seeing people coming from Scratch to see the stuff I'm working on - glad you enjoyed the game so far