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Unfortunately, the game can't be opened on Apple Silicon M1 with MacOS Ventura :(


Sorry to hear that! I don't have a Mac myself, so unfortunately I can't test that version, I just depend on the game engine (Unity) to create a proper build...

I uploaded a version specific for Apple Silicon, can you try that one out and tell me if it works for you?

PS: I saw in your profile that you commented on some more games with this issue, so this is probably a problem with the Unity Mac builds. Have you ever solved this for any of the games where it occured? If so (now or in the future), I'd greatly appreciate it if you let me know, so I can apply the fix here too. (right now, I'm not sure if there's anything else I could try to solve this...)


I get:  ''The app FadingSoulsMacSilicon can't be opened.'' And I get: Safari can't open the file 'FadingSoulsMacSilicon' because there is no app available to open it with.

I still haven't solved this for any of the games nor do I know a developer who solved it after my remark. I appreciate the effort you put into this!

Hmm, this error message actually sounds a bit like there could be something wrong on your end (absolutely not sure though!). The game files come as a .zip archive, maybe for some reason you can't open them directly on your end (I always thought this would work on Mac...). Have you tried extracting the downloaded .zip (by double-clicking it in Finder, I think) and then run the extracted file?

The zip file extracts itself automatically after downloading, it is the extracted file that gives the errors.

Oh, okay, didn't know that :)

I just think it sounds a bit strange that the operating system wants to open an app using the browser (but this could very well be perfectly normal, I'm not a Mac user). Is there something equivalent to the Windows "Right click -> Open with..." action on Mac? Maybe at some point something got mixed up and apps like this are supposed to be opened using a different program? Just shooting in the dark here, the most likely explanation is still a problem with the game engine Unity.

When I click 'show file content' of the executable file, I am shown a folder called 'contents', when opening that folder I get the folders '_CodeSignature', 'Frameworks', 'MacOS', 'MonoBleedingEdge' etc. In neither folder is a file that I can execute to open up the game.

Yeah, I think it's supposed to open the whole executable and not go into it and search for something to start there.

Well, not sure what else to try now, sorry about that. I'll let you know if I find something out and kindly ask you to please keep me updated if you come across a solution.


Sure no problem! I think the problem indeed lays in the fact that MacOS can't find a file format or program to execute to start the game. I'll keep you updated if I find the solution. 

Keep me also updated if you find a solution. This could let a lot of games run on MacOS that now seem incompatible, despite having a Mac build.

I actually got it working, but it isn't plug and play!

Step 1: Open terminal

Step 2: type chmod +x 

Step 3: Drag the file you find in: "Left click on the game -> Show package contents -> MacOS" to the terminal and press ''enter''.

(!) Dont't use ''enter'' between the chmod +x command and the file you want to drag.

This will make the file an executable file, which makes it possible to boot up the game.

The problem is that the Mac doesn't recognise the executable file on default.

Great to hear that you got it working!

May I ask where you found this solution? Still trying to figure out if this is a general issue with Unity Mac builds or if it's something more specific...