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I actually got it working, but it isn't plug and play!

Step 1: Open terminal

Step 2: type chmod +x 

Step 3: Drag the file you find in: "Left click on the game -> Show package contents -> MacOS" to the terminal and press ''enter''.

(!) Dont't use ''enter'' between the chmod +x command and the file you want to drag.

This will make the file an executable file, which makes it possible to boot up the game.

The problem is that the Mac doesn't recognise the executable file on default.

Great to hear that you got it working!

May I ask where you found this solution? Still trying to figure out if this is a general issue with Unity Mac builds or if it's something more specific...

A developer of another game gave me the solution. I have to say that with every Mac Unity game, let's say 10/20 games, I had to perform this solution every time.