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MAR 12

Ive completed some animation tilesets



MAR 13-15

Working on animation tilesets

Adjusted and updated C33 SC5

Completed tileset designs

Removed TP skill thing that I called SP from menu screen

MAR 16

Made icons for new skills

Up’d duration of “oynx buddy” by 1, it was at 2 for some reason

Took out the word “darkness” from the Anadromous skill’s description

MAR 17

Made new animation

MAR 18

Made 3 new animations 

MAR 20

Made new animation

Adjusted some classes and made them use hand as it wasn’t on

Fixed word box status description for spirit of the lost because some of it was cut off.

Proof read some word boxes.

Tried to bring back berserker animation but it’ll continue to not be used in the game.

Removed berserker from a character. I thought they’d use it but it feels to strong.

Updated a character SV tileset. Forgot the “use of items” sprites.

Ive honestly finished so many animations that I’m not even counting :-[

MAR 21

Updated and added sounds to some animations

Readjusted sprites tileset for “My Energy For You”

Make new animation and skill

Increased the chance of drop rate of stuff/potions for all enemies except octokiss’s and possibly made the game harder in doing so

Adjusted description of two high lvl skills for tony and agro

Removed vehicle restrict script

Removed swap enemies script

Removed event chase player

MAR 22

Made new battleback

Made an adjustment to C33 SC56

Set stuff

Updated “Jolly Jelly” animation and took out screen flash

Added a sentence to an event in Agro’s house

Deleted all objects with money and items in old levels that helped me test. Forgot to delete

🌹🌹🌹Updating an old bg tileset right now🌹🌹🌹I’m so tired.

❤️ Demo: