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Just bought the game and finished it in one sitting.

Loved it!

I've always been a sucker for bondage/fetish themed video games and I love how the emphasis in this one lies on the struggling and DiD aspect.

Are you planning on adding more to this game in the future or would you rather leave it as it is and create a whole new game?

I'm asking because I truly think this game has the potential to build upon and to become something BIG!


It would be interesting to do something big, but so far there will be only small updates.

Completely understandable. I can't even begin to grasp how much work and time it takes to implement even the simplest new features, as I have no experience in creating up or updating games.

Anything specific you have your eye on at the moment? Or would that be a spoiler? ;P


for now I want to add gags


Can't wait!

Tapegags! please

I second this!
A tight (wrap around) tape gag would indeed be lovely!

I will try to add a tape gag