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If it is not difficult then I will try to add something.

Thanks for the interesting and helpful comment. I knew that big breasts are a risk and not everyone will like it. But it was interesting for me to do just that and see what would come of it)

I have never used Mac OS so unfortunately I can not help you. But I've been thinking about Mac OS and Linux for a long time. The next time I reinstall Unity, I want to try making a version for these operating systems.

If you had in mind the same game mechanics, then I thought about it.

If you have Windows operating system, then there should be no problems. Just unzip the downloaded archive. This can be done for example free program 7zip.

I did not think about mummification. Interesting idea)

chair tied and a time bomb is a good idea)

I will try to add a tape gag

You do not need to install anything, just unzip the archive. To get the updated version, download the archive again.

Unfortunately now really physics does not allow to tie elbows together.

for now I want to add gags

It would be interesting to do something big, but so far there will be only small updates.

I also like long gloves and high heels)

How did you want to tie her hands?

Thanks for the comment. An interesting idea on account of taking clothes if you are caught. I will not promise to ever do it, but the idea is cool.

Thank you for the information on being stuck in the door. It is really unpleasant when this happens. When I tested the game, I had no such problem. Sometimes the door prevented the character from moving forward, but in this case it is enough just to jump backwards or sideways.


The space bar slightly changes the control of the legs. To do this, you need to hold down the space bar. For example, if you hold the space bar and the right mouse button, it will be easier for you to roll on the ground.

You do not need to buy anything extra. All settings on the level selection screen on the left.

In fact, it is red hair. I just changed the lighting a bit and the hair is now more bright. But adding brown hair is a good idea.

Thanks for the explanation. Great that you practice shibari in real life. And I am glad that this game has become useful for you.

This question made me think) I thought that when a girl falls to the ground it is illogical and uninteresting. I'll add the ability to turn off the timer when the girl is on the ground

gags, blindfolds, and the ability to take off clothes will be in the future. At the expense of loose arms I can not promise. But maybe this will also be in the future.

Unfortunately, I can only advise you to update the video card drivers. If the game is launched, but displayed incorrectly, then the problem is most likely in the video card or drivers. If nothing helps you try to request a refund. As far as I know on You can return the money for the purchase within two weeks.

Merry Christmas

Thank. Yes, I'm going to develop this idea further.

Thanks for the interesting idea. I'll think about it.

I like this game and I plan to develop this idea. I experiment with the update, but in the near future there will be no update. Perhaps instead of updating there will be a new game.

Thanks for the comment and ideas. I'll definitely think about it.

I'm glad you liked the game. Interesting idea of blindfolded and sound direction.

This version is for Windows. It will not work on Android / iOS.
If you meant a version for mobile devices, yes in theory it is possible. But the graphics will be much worse.

Sound wave moves from the phone every second. It is displayed in the form of a small picture that fly to the head. Keep track of where she came from and understand where you need to go. I thought that it would be more interesting than just making an arrow.

A good idea to update the graphics for Shibari. I also thought about it.

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you liked the game. I used the Unity engine and the physics engine embedded in it.

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Thanks for the comment. I didn't know about this problem. Now everything works.

Yes, I thought about it. I'll try to do something like that, but later

I don't quite understand the question, do you want more clothes or less? If less then unfortunately it will look ugly. Fuse models have nothing between their legs.