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Kevin Wayne

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Is this project dead? Are you dead??

What about different characters? Would that be possible?

Awesome update! please add a ballgag soon. ;)

i really like the whole idea and concept of that game. i will buy the full version as soon as you release it!

Great idea! I hope it is possible to implement that in the future.

Thank you very much for the ballgag update! Great job!

Can we expect any more updates for this game or are you already working on your next masterpiece? :

Or just one of the robbers sneaking around. And if he catches you he puts you back to where you started (and maybe the knife's location changes).

Yes, and maybe long hair with a ponytail (Ariana Grande-style). if that is possible.

thank you!

and a ballgag please ;)

awesome game! only thing i could wish for would be a simple ballgag.