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Neon Tail -  DevLog 34

For this week's #screenshotsaturday , steady progress on free roaming activity.

  • The job system is done, a first type of job, package delivery, is coded and is ready for level design phase
  • Created a Notification system. You can receive any kind of message, jobs included. You open the message by pressing down on the dpad, and for jobs you can accept  and activate the job by pressing down again.
  • A small Monument that displays the names of our backers/supporters. (bigger and crazier monuments to come)
  • Added breakable walls in the city.
  • Added a night version of the Shopping District.
  • Fixed a big FPS drop for night version of shopping district. (too many small lights)

Next week we might open access to a new residential area, stay tuned!

See you next week!