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Looking back now I'd say that the text is fine (being a turned based puzzle/strategy game it's gonna be text heavy) but I would say that it be better if you start at the beginning of the level you lost on instead of the first level.

Oh, I wouldn't say the text is fine yet, lol, but yeah, a certain amount is inevitable. Could space it out better, definitely. Did you see 'UUUGE wall o' txt in the description? None of the help was in the original Jam version, it wasn't even written, I ran out of time... I had to write the help text in the game description after the jam had already locked submissions, lol.

The 2nd level was a particularly bad place for a difficulty spike, in hindsight. If you fail the first mission, there's a special mission just for that scenario, and if you fail the third mission the game plot continues with only a slight difference in descriptive text. But mission 2 just sends you back, and there's not even any random elements to make mission 1 any different. Oops. I'll fix that. Thanks again for the feedback, I really appreciate it. :)